servant-streaming-docs- Client instances for the 'servant-docs' package.

Safe HaskellNone



This module provides an instance for HasDocs for 'servant-streaming' combinators, so that documentation can be generated for APIs that have streaming request or response bodies.

As as convenience, it also re-exports the combinators themselves.



data StreamResponse (method :: StdMethod) (status :: Nat) (contentTypes :: [*]) #

A response body that should be streamed, with specified method, status, and content-type.

(AllMime contentTypes, KnownNat status, ReflectMethod method) => HasDocs (StreamResponse method status contentTypes :: *) # 
Instance details

Defined in Servant.Streaming.Docs.Internal


docsFor :: Proxy (StreamResponse method status contentTypes) -> (Endpoint, Action) -> DocOptions -> API #

type StreamBody (ct :: [*]) = StreamBodyMonad ct IO #

A request body that should be streamed.

type StreamResponseGet = StreamResponse GET 200 #

The streaming version of the Get combinator.

type StreamResponsePost = StreamResponse POST 200 #

The streaming version of the Post combinator.

type StreamResponsePut = StreamResponse PUT 200 #

The streaming version of the Put combinator.

type StreamResponsePatch = StreamResponse PATCH 200 #

The streaming version of the Patch combinator.