shakespeare-js- Stick your haskell variables into javascript/coffeescript at compile time.

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A Shakespearean module for Javascript templates, introducing type-safe, compile-time variable and url interpolation.-- To use this module, coffee must be installed on your system.

You might consider trying Coffee, which compiles down to Javascript.

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This module is currently in an identity crisis. Originally called Julius, now being changed to just Javascript (shakespeare-javascript)



Template-Reading Functions

These QuasiQuoter and Template Haskell methods return values of type JavascriptUrl url. See the Yesod book for details.


type JavascriptUrl url = (url -> [(Text, Text)] -> Text) -> JavascriptSource

Return type of template-reading functions.

newtype Javascript Source

Newtype wrapper of Builder.




Typeclass for interpolated variables

class ToJavascript a whereSource

A typeclass for types that can be interpolated in CoffeeScript templates.

Rendering Functions

renderJavascriptUrl :: (url -> [(Text, Text)] -> Text) -> JavascriptUrl url -> TextSource

render with route interpolation. If using this module standalone, apart from type-safe routes, a dummy renderer can be used:

 renderJavascriptUrl (\_ _ -> undefined) javascriptUrl

When using Yesod, a renderer is generated for you, which can be accessed within the GHandler monad: getUrlRenderParams.

internal, used by Coffee