sifflet-2.3.0: Simple, visual, functional language for learning about recursion.

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"Rowed Panel." Expandable framed panel with a two-dimensional layout (rows of widgets, but not with aligned columns like in a table).



rpanelAddWidget :: WidgetClass widget => RPanel -> String -> widget -> IO RPanel Source

Add a single named widget to the RPanel

rpanelAddWidgets :: WidgetClass widget => RPanel -> [(String, widget)] -> IO RPanel Source

Given a list of (name, widget) pairs, add each of the widgets and its name to the rpanel

rpanelNewRow :: RPanel -> IO RPanel Source

Force the RPanel to begin a new row

rpanelAddRows :: WidgetClass widget => RPanel -> [[(String, widget)]] -> IO RPanel Source

Given a list of lists, each sublist representing a row of widgets, add the widgets to the RPanel, preserving the row structure as much as possible. (Row structure will be broken if any intended row is too wide.)