skype4hs- Skype Desktop API binding for Haskell

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data ChatProperty Source


ChatName ChatID

Chat ID

ChatTimestamp Timestamp

Time when chat was created.

ChatAdder (Maybe UserID)

User who added the current user to chat.

ChatStatus ChatStatus

Chat status

ChatPosters [UserID]

Members who have posted messages.

ChatMembers [UserID]

All users who have been there.

ChatTopic ChatTopic

Chat topic

ChatTopicXml ChatTopic

set when a chat topic contains XML formatting elements (topic was changed with ALTER CHATSETTOPICXML command) This property works in parallel with TOPIC property - when TOPICXML is set, the value is stripped of XML tags and updated in TOPIC.

ChatActiveMembers [UserID]

Members who have stayed in chat.

ChatFriendyName ChatWindowTitle

Name shown in chat window title.

ChatMessages [ChatMessageID]

All messages IDs in this chat.

ChatRecentMessages [ChatMessageID]

List of missed/recent chatmessage identifiers

ChatBookmarked Bool


ChatMemberObjects [ChatMemberID]

Contains the list of CHATMEMBER object IDs.

ChatPasswordHint ChatPasswordHint

Contains password hint text for the chat object.

ChatGuidelines ChatGuidelines

Contains chat guidelines text.

ChatOptions ChatOption

Bitmap of chat options.

ChatDescription ChatDescription

Currently used only for hidden synchronization channels for managing shared groups.

ChatDialogPartner UserID

The handle of the dialog partner for dialog type chats (chats with two participants).

ChatActivityTimestamp Timestamp

The UNIX timestamp of last activity.

ChatType ChatType

Chat type

ChatBlob ChatBlob

For public chats, this property contains encoded list of chat join-points. Contents of this field is used in public chat URLs.

ChatMyStatus ChatMyStatus

User's current status in chat.

ChatMyRole ChatRole

User's privilege level in chat.

ChatApplicants [UserID]

This property contains list of skypenames of people who have applied to join the chat but have not yet been accepted by a public chat administrator. Users only become applicants when the chat has JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS option.


Chat was opened.


Chat was closed.

chatOptionJoiningEnabled :: ChatOptionSource

When this bit is off, new users cannot join the chat.

chatOptionJoinersBecomeApplicants :: ChatOptionSource

When this bit is on, new users will be able to join the chat but they will be unable to post or receive messages until authorized by one of the chat administrators (CREATOR or MASTER).

chatOptionJoinersBecomeListeners :: ChatOptionSource

When this bit is on, new users will be able to receive message in chat but unable to post until promoted to USER role. Basically a read-only flag for new users.

chatOptionHistoryDisclosed :: ChatOptionSource

When this bit is off, newly joined members can see chat history prior to their joining. Maximum amount of history backlog available is either 400 messages or 2 weeks of time, depending on which limit is reached first.

chatOptionUsersAreListeners :: ChatOptionSource

Read-only flag for chat members with USER role.

chatOptionTopicAndPicLockedForUsers :: ChatOptionSource

when this bit of options is off, USER level chat members can change chat topic and the topic picture.

data ChatType Source



No longer supported.


A chat with only two participants.


A chat with more than two participants.


A chat used for synchronization of shared contact groups.


No longer supported.

data ChatMyStatus Source



Status set when the system is trying to connect to the chat.


Set when a new user joins a public chat. When the chat has participants need authorization to read messages option, the MYSTATUS property of a new applicant will remain in this status until he gets accepted or rejected by a chat administrator. Otherwise user's MYSTATUS will automatically change to either LISTENER or USER, depending on public chat options.


This status is used for shared contact groups functionality.


Status set when the system is waiting for user to supply the chat password.


Set when user joins the chat.


Set when user leaves the chat or chat ends.


Status set when the chat is disbanded.


Currently the maximum number of people in the same chat is 100.


Set when public chat administrator has rejected user from joining.


Status set when the user has been kicked from the chat. Note that it is possible for the user to re-join the chat after being kicked.


Status set when the user has been banned from the chat.


Status set when connect to chat failed and system retries to establish connection.

data ChatRole Source



Member who created the chat. There can be only one creator per chat. Only creator can promote other members to masters.


Also known as chat hosts. Masters cannot promote other people to masters.


A semi-privileged member. Helpers will not be affected by the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS option. Helpers cannot promote or demote other members.


Regular members who can post messages into the chat.


A demoted member who can only receive messages but not post anything into the chat.


A member waiting for acceptance into the chat. Member cannot be demoted to applicants once they have been accepted.