snap- Top-level package for the Snap Web Framework

Safe HaskellNone




newtype AppConfig Source

AppConfig contains the config options for command line arguments in snaplet-based apps.



appConfigTyCon :: TyConSource

AppConfig has a manual instance of Typeable due to limitations in the tools available before GHC 7.4, and the need to make dynamic loading tractable. When support for earlier versions of GHC is dropped, the dynamic loader package can be updated so that manual Typeable instances are no longer needed.

appOpts :: AppConfig -> [OptDescr (Maybe (Config m AppConfig))]Source

Command line options for snaplet applications.

commandLineAppConfig :: MonadSnap m => Config m AppConfig -> IO (Config m AppConfig)Source

Calls snap-server's extendedCommandLineConfig to add snaplet options to the built-in server command line options.