Changelog for snap-testing- - 2014-7-8 - Add additional helpers, and use much faster method of running tests. * The biggest change is because of a patch to snap that allows us to only run the initializer once for an entire test suite, which can easily be an order of magnitude (or more) speedup. * Also add a test-suite to the library. - Not released to hackage - Redesign library around richer types and Applicative. * Basic building block is should/shouldNot, which lift a pure test function into the SnapTesting monad. * get / post create rich response type. * Add html / css matcher predicates. - 2014-3-20 - Add this changelog to hackage, grammar in comments. - 2014-3-20 - Add form tests, assert. * Add form test utility that runs digestive forms against values and checks that they either produce a given value (one form of test) or produce a set of errors specified by the paths to the form. * Add assert that lifts a Bool into a TestPass or TestFail. - 2014-3-20 - Change interface to a conf, and add TestError variant, for when tests don't fail, but have an unexpected error. This breaks the API. - 2014-3-5 - Switch to streaming interface for report generators. * Streams uses io-streams (a soon-to-be dependency of snap), and allow test results to be reported immediately, not only at the end of the test run. - 2014-2-11 - Add support for get requests with parameters. - 2014-2-3 - Fix bug in redirectsto. * redirectsto would try to get the location header using a partial function regardless of whether it was a redirect, causing the whole test suite to fail. - 2014-1-13 - Renaming root. * Snap.Testing becomes Snap.Test.BDD, as per comment by @gregorycollins. - 2014-1-13 - Initial release