spacepart- Space partition data structures. Currently only a QuadTree.




data Boundary Source

A 2D axis aligned square. The boundary_corner defines the lower bound. The boundary_size is the length of any edge of the square.

The boundary is inclusive on the low extent and exclusive on the max extent.

Used to represent both the 0. 2D axis aligned minimum bounding square of an element.

  1. The boundary of a quadtree element




Eq Boundary 
Show Boundary 
HasBoundary Boundary 
Intersectable Boundary MinExtentPlanes 
Intersectable Boundary Boundary 
Intersectable Boundary LineSegment 
Intersectable Boundary (Vertex2 Double) 

class HasBoundary s whereSource

A instance of HasBoundary has an axis aligned boundign square defined that entirely encloses - the space represented by the type.


boundary_points :: s -> [Vertex2 Double]Source

boundary_edges :: s -> [Edge2 Double]Source

boundary_extents :: s -> (Vertex2 Double, Vertex2 Double)Source

boundary_square :: s -> BoundarySource

encloses :: Boundary -> Boundary -> BoolSource

Returns true if the first boundary entirely encloses the second boundary. - This is expected to be reflexive.

intersects :: Intersectable s0 s1 => s0 -> s1 -> BoolSource