Changelog for split-

* (7 June 2012) - Import 'build' function from GHC.Exts instead of defining it by hand, which can lead to some speedups (since GHC has special rewriting rules for the version in GHC.Exts). Of course this ties it to GHC; if you want to build split under some other compiler, let me know and I can add some CPP directives to define 'build' conditionally. - Remove unnecessary Rank2Types extension. * (21 December 2011) - Bump version upper bound for base and Test with GHC 7.4.1rc1 * (3 August 2011) - Bump version upper bound for base and test with GHC 7.2.0rc1. * 0.1.4 - Add 'splitPlacesBlanks' function from Daniel Wagner; like 'splitPlaces' but pads the output with blank lists to match the length of the input list of places to split. * 0.1.3 - Add 'chop' list-processing function. * - Now builds with GHC 7 * - Fix typo in documentation (davidL) - Lazier implementation of splitInternal from Jan Christiansen. Performance on large lists with not very many split points is now greatly improved.