spoonutil-0.0.1: Spoon's utilities. Simple testing and nice looking error reporting.



Nice looking errors.



data Error Source

A nice looking error


forall p . Pretty p => PrettyError p

Error text

ErrorMessage [Error] 
NoRaise [Error] 

class ErrorReport err whereSource

A class for things which can be turned into error reports


report :: err -> ErrorSource

new_error :: Pretty p => p -> ErrorSource

Create a new error

empty_error :: ErrorSource

An empty error

error_line :: Pretty p => p -> Error -> ErrorSource

Add a line to the start of the error (This appears further up the error report)

error_lines :: Pretty p => [p] -> Error -> ErrorSource

Add a number of lines to the start of the error

error_section :: Error -> ErrorSource

Create a new error section (This appears further up, and with fewer tabs than the rest of the report)

error_join :: [Error] -> ErrorSource

Combine multiple errors into one report



:: String

Your email address

-> String

Your name

-> String

The name of the software

-> [String]

An error message spread over multiple lines

-> Error

A composable error to join to.

-> a

Bottom _|_

There was an error because the software was broken