Changelog for sqlite-simple- * Add FromField instance for SQLData (thanks @LindaOrtega, @Shimuuar) * Add QuasiQuoter sql (thanks @vrom911) * Support GHC 8.4.1 (Add instance Semigroup Query) (thanks @gwils!) * Use @hvr's Only package for the Only single element typle type. * Add columnCount (thanks @Shimuuar!) * Add withImmediateTransaction, withExclusiveTransaction (thanks @mbucc!) * Expose the Database.SQLite3 Statement type through Database.SQLite.Simple Statement * Add Setup.hs ( * Add queryWith * Add executeMany * Expose sqlite3_changes/total_changes * Provide queryWith_ to allow more fine-grained access to constructing queries. * Expose error data constructors (pull request #42) * Improve haddocks * Export `bindNamed' * Add `withTransaction' for running IO actions inside SQL transactions with automated rollback if any exceptions are thrown. * Fix unit test build break with older bytestring versions * Add "named parameters" variants of query & al. Named params allow queries like: res <- queryNamed conn "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE id = :id" [":id" := postId] * Add FromField instances for Int8, Word, Word8, Word16, Word32 and Word64. * Fix typos in some type conversion error messages. * Improved test coverage. * Build fix for GHC 7.4 * Docs changes - uploaded new version to Hackage to update the Hackage page. * Various improvements to documentation. Especially UTCTime parsing and printing, and how it relates to SQLite datetimes is better documented now. * Improved date/time parsing performance by adapting Leon P. Smith's parsers from postgresql-simple for SQLite. UTCTime handling is also better defined now. * Improved query performance ( * Improved tests for all areas touched by the above change. v0.4.4.0 * Add FromField instance for Float * Improve error handling for day parsing * + with tests v0.4.1.0 - v0.4.3.0 (missed tagging v0.4.2.0) * Improvements to withBind functionality and documentation (see * Add columnName accessor for statements * Expose MonadPlus on RowParser * Allow access to the underlying direct-sqilte connection from an sqlite-simple connection * Add Data.Text.Lazy and lazy ByteString From/ToField instances v0.4.0.0 * Add lastInsertRowId * Expose SQLite statements based streaming API (see v0.3.0.0 * Add fold, fold_, withConnection v0.2.0.0 - v0.2.1.0 * Optimizations to improve query rows/sec performance