stack-1.3.0: The Haskell Tool Stack

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getSDistTarball Source


:: (StackM env m, HasEnvConfig env) 
=> Maybe PvpBounds

Override Config value

-> Path Abs Dir

Path to local package

-> m (FilePath, ByteString)

Filename and tarball contents

Given the path to a local package, creates its source distribution tarball.

While this yields a FilePath, the name of the tarball, this tarball is not written to the disk and instead yielded as a lazy bytestring.

checkSDistTarball Source


:: (StackM env m, HasEnvConfig env) 
=> Path Abs File

Absolute path to tarball

-> m () 

Check package in given tarball. This will log all warnings and will throw an exception in case of critical errors.

Note that we temporarily decompress the archive to analyze it.

checkSDistTarball' Source


:: (StackM env m, HasEnvConfig env) 
=> String

Tarball name

-> ByteString

Tarball contents as a byte string

-> m () 

Version of checkSDistTarball that first saves lazy bytestring to temporary directory and then calls checkSDistTarball on it.