stack-1.3.0: The Haskell Tool Stack

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Package identifier (name-version).



toTuple :: PackageIdentifier -> (PackageName, Version) Source

Convert from a package identifier to a tuple.

fromTuple :: (PackageName, Version) -> PackageIdentifier Source

Convert from a tuple to a package identifier.

parsePackageIdentifier :: MonadThrow m => Text -> m PackageIdentifier Source

Convenient way to parse a package identifier from a Text.

parsePackageIdentifierFromString :: MonadThrow m => String -> m PackageIdentifier Source

Convenience function for parsing from a String.

packageIdentifierParser :: Parser PackageIdentifier Source

A parser for a package-version pair.

packageIdentifierString :: PackageIdentifier -> String Source

Get a string representation of the package identifier; name-ver.

packageIdentifierText :: PackageIdentifier -> Text Source

Get a Text representation of the package identifier; name-ver.