stack-1.3.0: The Haskell Tool Stack

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Template name handling.



data TemplatePath Source


AbsPath (Path Abs File)

an absolute path on the filesystem

RelPath (Path Rel File)

a relative path on the filesystem, or relative to the template repository

UrlPath String

a full URL

templateNameArgument :: Mod ArgumentFields TemplateName -> Parser TemplateName Source

An argument which accepts a template name of the format foo.hsfiles or foo, ultimately normalized to foo.

templateParamArgument :: Mod OptionFields (Text, Text) -> Parser (Text, Text) Source

An argument which accepts a key:value pair for specifying parameters.

parseTemplateNameFromString :: String -> Either String TemplateName Source

Parse a template name from a string.

mkTemplateName :: String -> Q Exp Source

Make a template name.

templateName :: TemplateName -> Text Source

Get a text representation of the template name.

templatePath :: TemplateName -> TemplatePath Source

Get the path of the template.