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verifiedDownload Source #


:: HasRunner env 
=> DownloadRequest 
-> Path Abs File


-> (Maybe Integer -> ConduitM ByteString Void (RIO env) ())

custom hook to observe progress

-> RIO env Bool

Whether a download was performed

Copied and extended version of

Has the following additional features: * Verifies that response content-length header (if present) matches expected length * Limits the download to (close to) the expected # of bytes * Verifies that the expected # bytes were downloaded (not too few) * Verifies md5 if response includes content-md5 header * Verifies the expected hashes

Throws VerifiedDownloadException. Throws IOExceptions related to file system operations. Throws HttpException.

data DownloadRequest Source #

A request together with some checks to perform.

drRetryPolicyDefault :: RetryPolicy Source #

Default to retrying seven times with exponential backoff starting from one hundred milliseconds.

This means the tries will occur after these delays if necessary:

  • 0.1s
  • 0.2s
  • 0.4s
  • 0.8s
  • 1.6s
  • 3.2s
  • 6.4s

download Source #


:: HasRunner env 
=> Request 
-> Path Abs File


-> RIO env Bool

Was a downloaded performed (True) or did the file already exist (False)?

Download the given URL to the given location. If the file already exists, no download is performed. Otherwise, creates the parent directory, downloads to a temporary file, and on file download completion moves to the appropriate destination.

Throws an exception if things go wrong

redownload Source #


:: HasRunner env 
=> Request 
-> Path Abs File


-> RIO env Bool 

Same as download, but will download a file a second time if it is already present.

Returns True if the file was downloaded, False otherwise

parseRequest :: MonadThrow m => String -> m Request #

Convert a URL into a Request.

This function defaults some of the values in Request, such as setting method to GET and requestHeaders to [].

Since this function uses MonadThrow, the return monad can be anything that is an instance of MonadThrow, such as IO or Maybe.

You can place the request method at the beginning of the URL separated by a space, e.g.:

@@ parseRequest "POST" @@

Note that the request method must be provided as all capital letters.

A Request created by this function won't cause exceptions on non-2XX response status codes.

To create a request which throws on non-2XX status codes, see parseUrlThrow

Since: http-client-0.4.30

parseUrlThrow :: MonadThrow m => String -> m Request #

Same as parseRequest, except will throw an HttpException in the event of a non-2XX response. This uses throwErrorStatusCodes to implement checkResponse.

Since: http-client-0.4.30

setGithubHeaders :: Request -> Request Source #

Set the user-agent request header

withResponse :: (MonadUnliftIO m, MonadIO n) => Request -> (Response (ConduitM i ByteString n ()) -> m a) -> m a Source #