strptime-1.0.10: Efficient parsing of LocalTime using a binding to C's strptime, with some extra features (i.e. fractional seconds)

Portabilityportable (H98 + FFI)
Safe HaskellNone



A binding to strptime with extra features - see below.



class Strptime a whereSource

The class of values from which time may be parsed


strptime :: a -> a -> Maybe (LocalTime, a)Source

Given a format string in the format of strptime (see and a data string, parse a date+time value from the data string and also return the remainder of the data string. We also support a %OS format specifier for fractional seconds, because we are using the strptime from We also support %^[+-][N]s for multiples of seconds since epoch, for example %^-3s is milliseconds since epoch (N can only be 1 digit)