sundown-0.6: Bindings to the sundown markdown library

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Bindings to the github fork of the sundown library - previously known as upskirt:

To actually get output, you have to use one of the Text.Sundown.Html modules:

Example usage:

 import Text.Sundown.Renderers.Html.String
 import System (getArgs)
 import Control.Monad (liftM)

 main :: IO ()
 main = do
   input <- liftM (!! 0) getArgs >>= readFile
   putStrLn $ renderHtml input allExtensions noHtmlModes Nothing


Markdown extensions

data Extensions Source

A set of switches to enable or disable markdown features.




extNoIntraEmphasis :: Bool

Turn off underscores insode a word does designating emphasis.

extTables :: Bool
extFencedCode :: Bool

Turns on a non-indentation form of code-blocks, by blocking off a regionwith ~ or `.

extAutolink :: Bool

Turn things that look like URLs and email addresses into links

extStrikethrough :: Bool

Surround text with `~` to designate it as struck through

extSpaceHeaders :: Bool
extSuperscript :: Bool
extLaxSpacing :: Bool

Allow blocks inside of paragraphs, instead requireing tags to be on separate lines