syntactic-1.5.2: Generic abstract syntax, and utilities for embedded languages

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Simple code motion transformation performing common sub-expression elimination and variable hoisting. Note that the implementation is very inefficient.

The code is based on an implementation by Gergely Dévai.



data PrjDict dom Source

Interface for projecting binding constructs




prjVariable :: forall sig. dom sig -> Maybe VarId
prjLambda :: forall sig. dom sig -> Maybe VarId

data InjDict dom a b Source

Interface for injecting binding constructs




injVariable :: VarId -> dom (Full a)
injLambda :: VarId -> dom (b :-> Full (a -> b))
injLet :: dom (a :-> ((a -> b) :-> Full b))

type MkInjDict dom = forall a b. ASTF dom a -> ASTF dom b -> Maybe (InjDict dom a b)Source

A function that, if possible, returns an InjDict for sharing a specific sub-expression. The first argument is the expression to be shared, and the second argument the expression in which it will be shared.

This function makes the caller of codeMotion responsible for making sure that the necessary type constraints are fulfilled (otherwise Nothing is returned). It also makes it possible to transfer information, e.g. from the shared expression to the introduced variable.

codeMotion :: forall dom a. (ConstrainedBy dom Typeable, AlphaEq dom dom dom [(VarId, VarId)]) => PrjDict dom -> MkInjDict dom -> ASTF dom a -> State VarId (ASTF dom a)Source

Perform common sub-expression elimination and variable hoisting

prjDictFO :: forall dom p pVar. PrjDict (FODomain dom p pVar)Source

A PrjDict implementation for FODomain

reifySmart :: forall dom p pVar a. (AlphaEq dom dom (FODomain dom p pVar) [(VarId, VarId)], Syntactic a, Domain a ~ HODomain dom p pVar, p :< Typeable) => MkInjDict (FODomain dom p pVar) -> a -> ASTF (FODomain dom p pVar) (Internal a)Source

Like reify but with common sub-expression elimination and variable hoisting

mkInjDictFO :: forall dom pVar. Let :<: dom => (forall a. ASTF (FODomain dom Typeable pVar) a -> Maybe (Dict (pVar a))) -> MkInjDict (FODomain dom Typeable pVar)Source

An MkInjDict implementation for FODomain

The supplied function determines whether or not an expression can be shared by returning a witness that the type of the expression satisfies the predicate pVar.