Changelog for system-info-0.5.1


* fix the threading problems with getting the OS's name (on Windows)

* make os returning an IO OS, since it caused problems on Windows

* make os returning an OS instead of a String

* rename getOS to os and make it a pure function
* use wmi queries for getting OS' names on Windows
* use system calls for getting OS' names on Unixes

* remove trailing newlines from OS' names

* fix the library to build on Windows

* fallback to uname on non-Windows OSes, if the other tools fail

* use attoparsec instead of regexes for matching strings

* get OS name and cpu information on macOS
* build system-info with lts-9.11

* build system-info with lts-9.0

* provide a custom Show OS instance
* relax build-depends constraints

* get a more concrete OS name (e.g. Arch Linux and Windows 7 Professional
instead of just Linux and Windows)

Unreleased changes