tasty- Modern and extensible testing framework

Safe HaskellSafe



data Expr Source #


IntLit !Int 

number of fields

Add Expr Expr 
Sub Expr Expr 
Neg Expr 
Not Expr 
And Expr Expr 
LT Expr Expr 
GT Expr Expr 
LE Expr Expr 
GE Expr Expr 
EQ Expr Expr 
NE Expr Expr 
Or Expr Expr 
Concat Expr Expr 
Match Expr String 
NoMatch Expr String 
Field Expr

nth field of the path, where 1 is the outermost group name and 0 is the whole test name, using / as a separator

StringLit String 
If Expr Expr Expr 
ERE String

an ERE token by itself, like foo but not like $1 ~ foo

ToUpperFn Expr 
ToLowerFn Expr 
LengthFn (Maybe Expr) 
MatchFn Expr String 
SubstrFn Expr Expr (Maybe Expr)