tasty-focus-1.0.1: Simple focus mechanism for tasty
Safe HaskellNone



Simple focus mechanism for tasty, similar to hspec. Mark the root of your test tree with withFocus. Then, if any of the subtrees of your test suite are marked with focus, only those test trees will be run.

main = defaultMain . withFocus $
  testGroup "tests"
    [ fooTests
    , testGroup "subgroup"
      [ focus barTests
      , bazTests
	, quuxTests


withFocus :: TestTree -> TestTree Source #

Intended to be used at the root of your test suite. If any of the subtrees are focused, filter out all non-focused subtrees. If there are no focused subtrees, return the entire tree.

focus :: TestTree -> TestTree Source #

Warning: Focusing tests... don't forget to re-enable your entire test suite!

Marks the tree as focused, as long as none of its subtrees are focused.

This funcion is marked as deprecated so that -Werror will catch it if you accidentally leave tests focused.