Changelog for texmath-0.8

texmath (0.8) * Added OMML reader (Jesse Rosenthal). * Support latex \substack (#57). * Added EBoxed and implemented in readers and writers (#58). * Handle latex \genfrac. Use \genfrac for \brace, \brack, etc. when amsmath is available. * Improvements in handling of space characters. * Use ESpace rather than EText when a mathml mtext just contains a space. * Use \mspace when needed to get latex spaces with odd sizes, rather than finding the closest simple command. * Use Rational instead of Double in ESpaced, EScaled. * Shared: Export getSpaceWidth, getSpaceChars. * Shared: Export fixTree, isEmpty, empty (formerly in MathML reader). texmath ( * TeX reader: further improvements in error reporting. Instead of reporting line and column, a snippet is printed with a caret indicating the position of the error. Also fixed bad position information when control sequences are followed by a letter. texmath ( * TeX reader: + Improved error reporting. + Optimized parser. + Treat `\ ` as ESpaced rather than ESymbol. + Internal improvements, including using the parsec3 interface instead of the older parsec2 compatibility interface. * Added tests for phantom. texmath (0.7) * Changes in Exp type: + Removed EUp, EDown, EDownup, EUnary, EBinary. + Added EFraction (and FractionType), ESqrt, Eroot, EPhantom. + Added boolean "convertible" parameter to EUnder, EOver, EUnderover. + Changed parameter of EScaled from String to Double. + Changed parameter of ESpace from String to Double. + Removed EStretchy. + Added EStyled, corresponding to mstyle in mathml, and \mathrm, \mathcal, etc. in TeX (which can contain arbitrary math content, not just text). + Changed the type of EDelimited. The contents of an EDelimited are now either Right Exp or Left String (the latter case represents a fence in middle position, e.g. \mid| in LaTeX). * Module reorganisation: the exposed interface has been completely changed, and modules for reading MathML and writing TeX math have been added: + All writers now reside in Text.TeXMath.Writers. - Text.TeXMath.MathML -> Text.TeXMath.Writers.MathML. toMathML and showExp are removed, writeMathML added. - Text.TeXMath.OMML -> Text.TeXMath.Writers.OMML. toOMML and showExp removed, writeOMML added. - Text.TeXMath.Pandoc -> Text.TeXMath.Writers.Pandoc. toPandoc removed, writePandoc added. - New module Text.TeXMath.Writers.TeX, exporting writeTeX, writeTeXWith, addLaTeXEnvironment (the latter giving control over which packages are assumed to be available). + All readers now reside in Text.TeXMath.Readers. - Text.TeXMath.MathMLParser -> Text.TeXMath.Readers.MathML, exporting readMathML. - Text.TeXMath.Readers.TeX nows exports readTeX rather than parseFormula. + New modules for unicode conversion: Text.TeXMath.Unicode.ToASCII, Text.TeXMath.Unicode.ToTeX, Text.TeXMath.Unicode.ToUnicode. + Two MathML specific modules: Text.TeXMath.Readers.MathML.EntityMap, Text.TeXMath.Readers.MathML.MMLDict. + In Text.TeXMath, all the XtoY functions have been removed in favour of rexporting raw reader and writer functions. The data type Exp is now also exported. * Bug fixes and improvements. + TeX writer: Properly handle accents inside \text{}. Use real text environments for EText (\textrm, not \mathrm). Improved handling of scalers (\Big etc.). Use amsmath matrix environments when appropriate. Fixed \varepsilon. + MathML writer: Omit superfluous outer mrows. Add position information to fences. + OMML writer: Handle \phantom. + Pandoc writer: Use unicode characters to support Fraktur and other text styles. + TeX reader: Use EUnder/Over for \stackrel, \overset, \underset. Improved handling of primes. Fixed \notin. Avoid superfluous grouping of single elements. Improved handling of scalers (\Big etc.). Handle \choose, \brace, \brack, \bangle (#21). + Macros: Don't raise an error if applying a macro fails to resolve to a fixed point; instead, just return the original string. * Rewrote test suite as a proper cabal test suite. Added --regenerate-tests and --round-trip options. * Updated texmath online demo for bidirectional conversion. * Removed cgi and test flags. Added executable flag to build texmath. * Modified texmath so it works like a cgi script when run as texmath-cgi (through symlink or renaming). Removed dependency on the cgi package. texmath (0.6.7) * New Module: Text.TeXMath.Unidecode, a module for approximating unicode characters in ASCII. * New Module: Text.TeXMath.Shared, a module for shared lookup tables between the various readers and writers * New Module: Text.TeXMath.MathMLParser, exporting readMathML. * New Module: Text.TeXMath.EntityMap, exporting getUnicode, a conversion table from MathML entities to unicode characters. * New Module: Text.TeXMath.UnicodeToLaTeX, exporting getLaTeX, converting a string of unicode characters to a string of equivalent LaTeX commands. * New Module: Text.TeXMath.LaTeX, replacing Text.TeXMath.Parser, exporting toTeXMath. * New Module: Text.TeXMath.MMLDict, implements a lookup table from operators to their default values as defined by the MML dictionary, exporting getOperator. * New Module: Text.TeXMath.Compat, maintaining compatibility with mtl < 2.2.1. * Modified Text.TeXMath to export the primitive readers, as well as mathMLTo{Writer} for all writers * Modified: Text.TeXMath.Types: added additional record types for Text.TeXMath.MMLDict and Text.TeXMath.UnicodeToLaTeX. New Exports: Operator(..), Record(..). * Modified test suite: use cabal test, added significant number of tests. * Added recognition of the LaTeX command \phantom texmath ( * Use combining tilde accent for \tilde. Closes pandoc #1324. texmath ( * Allow \left to be used with ), ], etc. Ditto with \right. Previously only (, [, etc. were allowed with \left. Closes pandoc #1319. texmath ( * Support \multline (previously it was mispelled "multiline") * Changed data-files to extra-source-files. texmath (0.6.6) * Insert braces around macro expansions to prevent breakage (#7). * Support \operatorname and \DeclareMathOperator (rekka) (#17). * Support \providecommand (#15). * Fixed spacing bugs in pandoc rendering (#24). * Ignore \hline at end of array row instead of failing (#19).