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Simple types and synonyms, mostly to make the type signatures easier to read.



type ItemID = Int Source #

Type to represent IDs used by the API.

type Key = Text Source #

Type for the API key issued by TheMovieDB.

type LanguageCode = Text Source #

Type for selecting a TMDb language in ISO 639-1 format.

type Body = LByteString Source #

HTTP body.

type Path = String Source #

URL path.

data Error Source #

Possible errors returned by the API.



Missing or invalid API key. Make sure you are using a valid API key issued by

HttpExceptionError HttpException

An exception relating to HTTP was thrown while interacting with the API.

ServiceError String

The HTTP interaction with the API service did not result in a successful response. Information about the failure is encoded in the String.

ResponseParseError String (Maybe LByteString)

Invalid or error response from the API.

Show Error Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Network.API.TheMovieDB.Internal.Types


showsPrec :: Int -> Error -> ShowS #

show :: Error -> String #

showList :: [Error] -> ShowS #