time-parsers- Parsers for types in `time`.

Copyright(c) 2015 Bryan O'Sullivan 2015 Oleg Grenrus
MaintainerOleg Grenrus <oleg.grenrus@iki.fi>
Safe HaskellNone



Parsers for parsing dates and times.



day :: DateParsing m => m Day Source #

Parse a date of the form YYYY-MM-DD.

month :: DateParsing m => m (Integer, Int) Source #

Parse a month of the form YYYY-MM

localTime :: DateParsing m => m LocalTime Source #

Parse a date and time, of the form YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. The space may be replaced with a T. The number of seconds may be followed by a fractional component.

timeOfDay :: DateParsing m => m TimeOfDay Source #

Parse a time of the form HH:MM:SS[.SSS].

timeZone :: DateParsing m => m (Maybe TimeZone) Source #

Parse a time zone, and return Nothing if the offset from UTC is zero. (This makes some speedups possible.)

utcTime :: DateParsing m => m UTCTime Source #

Behaves as zonedTime, but converts any time zone offset into a UTC time.

zonedTime :: DateParsing m => m ZonedTime Source #

Parse a date with time zone info. Acceptable formats:


The first space may instead be a T, and the second space is optional. The Z represents UTC. The Z may be replaced with a time zone offset of the form +0000 or -08:00, where the first two digits are hours, the : is optional and the second two digits (also optional) are minutes.