todos- Easy-to-use TODOs manager.

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This module contains data type for storing HSV color, used in DOT output, and some default functions to calculate items' colors.



data HSV Source

Hue, saturation and value; all are in [0; 1] range.




consoleColors :: [((ColorIntensity, Color), HSV)]Source

Correspondence between console colors and HSV colors

consoleColor :: HSV -> (ColorIntensity, Color)Source

Get console color which is nearest to given HSV color

tagHues :: Map String DoubleSource

Hue values for some common tags

tagHue :: String -> DoubleSource

Get color hue from tag name

statusSats :: Map String DoubleSource

Color saturation values for some common statuses

statusSat :: String -> DoubleSource

Get color saturation from item status

statusHues :: Map String DoubleSource

Color hue values for some common item statuses

statusHue :: String -> DoubleSource

Get color hue from item status

statusColor :: String -> (ColorIntensity, Color)Source

Get console color for item status

defItemConsoleColor :: TodoItem -> Maybe (ColorIntensity, Color)Source

Get console color for item name (this is const Nothing)

getColor :: TodoItem -> HSVSource

Get color for item (this is used in DOT output)