true-name- Template Haskell hack to violate another module's abstractions

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trueName :: String -> Name -> Q Name Source

Scrapes a qualified Name out from a point-of-entry that you do have access to. The first String argument is either the nameBase―or fully-qualified―part of the required Name, while the second is some other Name that contains the required Name in its type or declaration.

Note that since GHC does not currently return the RHS of function definitons, trueName cannot obtain the Name for an unexported function. The only workaround seems to involve copypasta. D:

Check the included examples.

quasiName :: QuasiQuoter Source

QuasiQuoter interface to trueName. Accepts two or more corresponding argument tokens: first should be sans ""-quotes; the namespace for the second is denoted in the usual TH syntax of either a single ' or double '' prefix.

Extra tokens are assigned as variable names in a Pat context. Exp and Type are always created with ConE and ConT respectively, so this is not quite as flexible as trueName.