turtle-1.2.0: Shell programming, Haskell-style

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You can think of Shell as [] + IO + Managed. In fact, you can embed all three of them within a Shell:

select ::        [a] -> Shell a
liftIO ::      IO a  -> Shell a
using  :: Managed a  -> Shell a

Those three embeddings obey these laws:

 do { x <- select m; select (f x) } = select (do { x <- m; f x })
 do { x <- liftIO m; liftIO (f x) } = liftIO (do { x <- m; f x })
 do { x <- with   m; using  (f x) } = using  (do { x <- m; f x })

 select (return x) = return x
 liftIO (return x) = return x
 using  (return x) = return x

... and select obeys these additional laws:

select xs <|> select ys = select (xs <|> ys)
select empty = empty

You typically won't build Shells using the Shell constructor. Instead, use these functions to generate primitive Shells:

Then use these classes to combine those primitive Shells into larger Shells:

If you still insist on building your own Shell from scratch, then the Shell you build must satisfy this law:

-- For every shell `s`:
_foldIO s (FoldM step begin done) = do
    x  <- begin
    x' <- _foldIO s (FoldM step (return x) return)
    done x'

... which is a fancy way of saying that your Shell must call 'begin' exactly once when it begins and call 'done' exactly once when it ends.



newtype Shell a Source

A (Shell a) is a protected stream of a's with side effects




_foldIO :: forall r. FoldM IO a r -> IO r


Alternative Shell 
Monad Shell 
Functor Shell 
MonadPlus Shell 
Applicative Shell 
MonadIO Shell 
Monoid a => Num (Shell a)

Shell forms a semiring, this is the closest approximation

IsString a => IsString (Shell a) 
Monoid a => Monoid (Shell a) 

foldIO :: MonadIO io => Shell a -> FoldM IO a r -> io r Source

Use a FoldM IO to reduce the stream of a's produced by a Shell

fold :: MonadIO io => Shell a -> Fold a b -> io b Source

Use a Fold to reduce the stream of a's produced by a Shell

sh :: MonadIO io => Shell a -> io () Source

Run a Shell to completion, discarding any unused values

view :: (MonadIO io, Show a) => Shell a -> io () Source

Run a Shell to completion, printing any unused values


select :: [a] -> Shell a Source

Convert a list to a Shell that emits each element of the list

liftIO :: MonadIO m => forall a. IO a -> m a

Lift a computation from the IO monad.

using :: Managed a -> Shell a Source

Acquire a Managed resource within a Shell in an exception-safe way