ukrainian-phonetics-basic-array-bytestring- A library to work with the basic Ukrainian phonetics and syllable segmentation.
Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2020-2021
Safe HaskellNone



This module works with syllable segmentation in Ukrainian. Uses Double whenever possible.



str2DuratD1 :: String -> Double Source #

Is inspired by the DobutokO.Sound.DIS5G6G module from dobutokO2 package. See: ''. The Double data are gotten from there.

uzpp2DuratD2 :: UZPP2 -> Double Source #

Just another possible duration approximation obtained by usage of the r-glpk-phonetic-languages-ukrainian-durations package It is generated for the set of the words-durations pairs that the words contents (Char) converts to the elements of the "ABCEFXYabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz" (for more information, pleas, refer to the

syllableDurationsGD :: (UZPP2 -> Double) -> [[[UZPP2]]] -> [[Double]] Source #

General variant of the syllableDurationsD function with the arbitrary uzpp2DuratD1-like function.

syllableDurationsD :: [[[UZPP2]]] -> [[Double]] Source #

Returns list of lists, every inner one of which contains approximate durations of the Ukrainian syllables.

syllableDurationsD2 :: [[[UZPP2]]] -> [[Double]] Source #

Likewise syllableDurations, but uses uzpp2DuratD2 instead of uzpp2DuratD1.

syllableDurationsD3 :: [[[UZPP2]]] -> [[Double]] Source #

Likewise syllableDurations, but uses uzpp2DuratD3 instead of uzpp2DuratD1.

syllableDurationsD4 :: [[[UZPP2]]] -> [[Double]] Source #

Likewise syllableDurations, but uses uzpp2DuratD4 instead of uzpp2DuratD1.