unboxed-references: A library for reference cells backed by unboxed-vectors

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This package contains an interface to references backed by unboxed vectors

For an example of how to use it:

  module Main where

  import           Data.STRef.Unboxed
  import           Control.Monad.ST

  main :: IO ()
  main =
      print counter
      print mySum
      print strictModify

  -- |
  -- Runs a for loop each time modifying the reference cell to add
  -- one.
  counter :: Int
  counter =
   runST $
       ref <- newSTRefU 0
       for_ [1..100] $ modifySTRefU ref (+ 1)
       readSTRefU ref
  -- |
  -- Runs a for loop to add all the numbers between 1 and 10.
  mySum :: Int
  mySum =
    runST $
        ref <- newSTRefU 0
        for_ [1..10] $ \i -> modifySTRefU ref (+ i)
        readSTRefU ref
  -- |
  -- This shows that modifySTRefU is strict in its argument.
  strictModify :: Int
  strictModify =
    runST $
        ref <- newSTRefU 0
        modifySTRefU ref (\_ -> Unsafe.unsafePerformIO $ print "Got here!" >> pure 10)
        writeSTRefU ref 42
         readSTRefU ref

This gives the following:

> main
"Got here!"


Versions 0.1.0, 0.1.0
Change log CHANGELOG.md
Dependencies base (>= && <4.14), unboxed-references, vector (>=0.12.0 && <0.13) [details]
License BSD-3-Clause
Copyright 2019
Author Callan McGill
Maintainer callan.mcgill@gmail.com
Category Data
Home page https://github.com/Boarders/unboxed-references
Bug tracker https://github.com/Boarders/unboxed-references/issues
Source repo head: git clone https://github.com/Boarders/unboxed-references
Uploaded by callanmcgill at 2019-12-15T22:52:24Z


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