Changelog for validation-0.6.2

0.6.2 * Add `bindValidation` and `validationed` 0.6.1 * Add validate, validationnel, fromEither, liftError, validation, toEither, orElse, valueOr, ensure, codiagonal, revalidate 0.6.0 * Delete `Validation`, `ValidationB`, `ValidationT`, `Validation'` * Remove `_Validation` member from `Validate` class 0.5.5 * Raise upper bounds on base. * Include nix build. 0.5.4 * remove redundant constraints. * add instance `Validate` for `ValidationB Identity`. 0.5.3 * Update `transformers` dependency to work with GHC8. 0.5.2 * Remove LANGUAGE Safe because won't build against lens-4.13 or higher otherwise. 0.5.1 * Update documentation 0.5.0 * Export the `ValidationB` (formerly `ValidationTB`) data type. * Renamed `ValidationTB` to `ValidationB`. * Add upper-bounds on some dependencies. * Move repository to * Add README. * Update copyright notice for 2015. 0.4.3 * Rename `ValidationT` to `ValidationTB` * Introduce `ValidationT` with `MonadTrans` instance 0.4.2 * Export constructors on `AccValidation` and `Validation`. 0.4.1 * Remove `Alternative` instances. They are obscene. * INLINE pragmas 0.4.0 * Change the premise of the `Validate` type-class to more strongly reflect the isomorphism to Either. * The `_Failure` and `_Success` prisms are now derived. * Lots more examples 0.3.0 A restructuring of 0.2.x where: * Tests updated to use doctest * Update API to use Prism and Iso (Control.Lens) * Rename package Validation (deprecated) to validation 0.3.1 Use Safe Haskell pragma 0.3.2 Implement Validate on Either 0.3.3 Provide Isos between (ValidationT Identity) and other data types. 0.3.4 Loosen the type of the Isos for polymorphic update.