vivid- Sound synthesis with SuperCollider

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Non-realtime synthesis. Create a sound file from the same instructions you use to perform live!

  • *Note** we don't currently support redefining Synthdefs midway -- e.g. you can't explicitly define a SynthDef "foo" (with defineSD), then make a synth from it, then explicitly define it again with a new definition, and then make a new synth with the new definition



writeNRT :: FilePath -> NRT a -> IO () Source #

Generate an audio file from an NRT action -- this can write songs far faster than it would take to play them.

This uses defaultNRTArgs for its sample rate, number of channels, etc. If you want to use args other than the default, use writeNRTWith.

The file type is detected from its extension. The extensions supported at the moment are .aif, .aiff, and .wav

(Mac OS X users will need to make sure scsynth is in their $PATH)

(And I apologize, but I really don't know what Windows users will need to do)

Currently doesn't work with single quotes in the filename

writeNRTScore :: FilePath -> NRT a -> IO () Source #

Generate a file of actions that SC can use to do NRT with.

If you just want the .aiff file, you probably want writeNRT instead.

Usage: this will create a file at "tmpNRTout.aiff" with your sound :: NRT a:

writeNRT "/tmp/foo.osc" test
scsynth -N /tmp/foo.osc _ /tmp/NRTout.aiff 44100 AIFF int16