vty-5.2.1: A simple terminal UI library

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A picture is translated into a sequences of state changes and character spans. - State changes are currently limited to new attribute values. The attribute is applied to all - following spans. Including spans of the next row. The nth element of the sequence represents the - nth row (from top to bottom) of the picture to render. - - A span op sequence will be defined for all rows and columns (and no more) of the region provided - with the picture to spansForPic. - - todo: Partition attribute changes into multiple categories according to the serialized - representation of the various attributes.



data SpanOp Source

This represents an operation on the terminal. Either an attribute change or the output of a text string.



a span of UTF-8 text occupies a specific number of screen space columns. A single UTF character does not necessarially represent 1 colunm. See Codec.Binary.UTF8.Width TextSpan [Attr] [output width in columns] [number of characters] [data]

Skip !Int

Skips the given number of columns A skip is transparent.... maybe? I am not sure how attribute changes interact. todo: separate from this type.

RowEnd !Int

Marks the end of a row. specifies how many columns are remaining. These columns will not be explicitly overwritten with the span ops. The terminal is require to assure the remaining columns are clear. todo: separate from this type.


type SpanOps = Vector SpanOpSource

vector of span operations. executed in succession. This represents the operations required to render a row of the terminal. The operations in one row may effect subsequent rows. EG: Setting the foreground color in one row will effect all subsequent rows until the foreground color is changed.

type DisplayOps = Vector SpanOpsSource

vector of span operation vectors for display. One per row of the output region.

displayOpsColumns :: DisplayOps -> IntSource

Number of columns the DisplayOps are defined for

All spans are verified to define same number of columns. See: VerifySpanOps

displayOpsRows :: DisplayOps -> IntSource

Number of rows the DisplayOps are defined for

spanOpsEffectedColumns :: SpanOps -> IntSource

The number of columns a SpanOps effects.

spanOpHasWidth :: SpanOp -> Maybe (Int, Int)Source

The width of a single SpanOp in columns

columnsToCharOffset :: Int -> SpanOp -> IntSource

returns the number of columns to the character at the given position in the span op