vty-5.26: A simple terminal UI library

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This module provides a simple parser for parsing input event control sequences.



runParser :: String -> Parser Event -> KClass Source #

Run a parser on a given input string. If the parser fails, return Invalid. Otherwise return the valid event (Valid) and the remaining unparsed characters.

failParse :: Parser a Source #

Fail a parsing operation.

readInt :: Parser Int Source #

Read an integer from the input stream. If an integer cannot be read, fail parsing. E.g. calling readInt on an input of "123abc" will return '123' and consume those characters.

readChar :: Parser Char Source #

Read a character from the input stream. If one cannot be read (e.g. we are out of characters), fail parsing.

expectChar :: Char -> Parser () Source #

Read a character from the input stream and fail parsing if it is not the specified character.