vty-5.29: A simple terminal UI library

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fixDisplayAttr :: FixedAttr -> Attr -> FixedAttr Source #

Given the previously applied display attributes as a FixedAttr and the current display attributes as an Attr produces a FixedAttr that represents the current display attributes. This is done by using the previously applied display attributes to remove the KeepCurrent abstraction.

data DisplayAttrDiff Source #

difference between two display attributes. Used in the calculation of the operations required to go from one display attribute to the next.

Previously, vty would reset display attributes to default then apply the new display attributes. This turned out to be very expensive: A *lot* more data would be sent to the terminal than required.

simplifyStyleDiffs :: [StyleStateChange] -> [StyleStateChange] -> [StyleStateChange] Source #

Used in the computation of a final style attribute change.

simplifyColorDiffs :: DisplayColorDiff -> DisplayColorDiff -> DisplayColorDiff Source #

Consider two display color attributes diffs. What display color attribute diff are these equivalent to?

simplifyUrlDiffs :: URLDiff -> URLDiff -> URLDiff Source #

Consider two URL changes, which are mostly going to be the latter unless the latter specifies no change.

data DisplayColorDiff Source #

Difference between two display color attribute changes.

data URLDiff Source #

Eq URLDiff Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Graphics.Vty.DisplayAttributes


(==) :: URLDiff -> URLDiff -> Bool #

(/=) :: URLDiff -> URLDiff -> Bool #

Show URLDiff Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Graphics.Vty.DisplayAttributes

displayAttrDiffs :: FixedAttr -> FixedAttr -> DisplayAttrDiff Source #

Determines the diff between two display&color attributes. This diff determines the operations that actually get output to the terminal.