vty-5.7: A simple terminal UI library

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data Key Source #

Representations of non-modifier keys.

  • KFun is indexed from 0 to 63. Range of supported FKeys varies by terminal and keyboard.
  • KUpLeft, KUpRight, KDownLeft, KDownRight, KCenter support varies by terminal and keyboard.
  • Actually, support for most of these but KEsc, KChar, KBS, and KEnter vary by terminal and keyboard.


Eq Key Source # 


(==) :: Key -> Key -> Bool #

(/=) :: Key -> Key -> Bool #

Ord Key Source # 


compare :: Key -> Key -> Ordering #

(<) :: Key -> Key -> Bool #

(<=) :: Key -> Key -> Bool #

(>) :: Key -> Key -> Bool #

(>=) :: Key -> Key -> Bool #

max :: Key -> Key -> Key #

min :: Key -> Key -> Key #

Read Key Source # 
Show Key Source # 


showsPrec :: Int -> Key -> ShowS #

show :: Key -> String #

showList :: [Key] -> ShowS #

data Modifier Source #

Modifier keys. Key codes are interpreted such that users are more likely to have Meta than Alt; for instance on the PC Linux console, MMeta will generally correspond to the physical Alt key.



data Event Source #



EvKey Key [Modifier]

A keyboard key was pressed with the specified modifiers.

EvMouseDown Int Int Button [Modifier]

A mouse button was pressed at the specified column and row. Any modifiers available in the event are also provided.

EvMouseUp Int Int (Maybe Button)

A mouse button was released at the specified column and row. Some terminals report only that a button was released without specifying which one; in that case, Nothing is provided. Otherwise Just the button released is included in the event.

EvResize Int Int

If read from eventChannel this is the size at the time of the signal. If read from nextEvent this is the size at the time the event was processed by Vty. Typically these are the same, but if somebody is resizing the terminal quickly they can be different.

EvPaste String

A paste event occurs when a bracketed paste input sequence is received. For terminals that support bracketed paste mode, these events will be triggered on a paste event. Terminals that do not support bracketed pastes will send the paste contents as ordinary input (which is probably bad, so beware!)