wai-extra- Provides some basic WAI handlers and middleware.

Safe HaskellNone



Some helpers for parsing data out of a raw WAI Request.



parseHttpAccept :: ByteString -> [ByteString]Source

Parse the HTTP accept string to determine supported content types.

type BackEnd aSource


 = ByteString

parameter name

-> FileInfo () 
-> Sink ByteString (ResourceT IO) a 

A file uploading backend. Takes the parameter name, file name, and content type, and returns a Sink for storing the contents.

lbsBackEnd :: Monad m => ignored1 -> ignored2 -> Sink ByteString m ByteStringSource

Store uploaded files in memory

tempFileBackEnd :: MonadResource m => ignored1 -> ignored2 -> Sink ByteString m FilePathSource

Save uploaded files on disk as temporary files



:: MonadResource m 
=> IO FilePath

get temporary directory

-> String

filename pattern

-> ignored1 
-> ignored2 
-> Sink ByteString m FilePath 

Same as tempFileSink, but use configurable temp folders and patterns.

type Param = (ByteString, ByteString)Source

Post parameter name and value.

type File y = (ByteString, FileInfo y)Source

Post parameter name and associated file information.

data FileInfo c Source

Information on an uploaded file.


Eq c => Eq (FileInfo c) 
Show c => Show (FileInfo c) 

parseContentType :: ByteString -> (ByteString, [(ByteString, ByteString)])Source

Parse a content type value, turning a single ByteString into the actual content type and a list of pairs of attributes.

Since 1.3.2