warp- A fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications.

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In order to provide slowloris protection, Warp provides timeout handlers. We follow these rules:

  • A timeout is created when a connection is opened.
  • When all request headers are read, the timeout is tickled.
  • Every time at least 2048 bytes of the request body are read, the timeout is tickled.
  • The timeout is paused while executing user code. This will apply to both the application itself, and a ResponseSource response. The timeout is resumed as soon as we return from user code.
  • Every time data is successfully sent to the client, the timeout is tickled.



data Manager Source

A timeout manager

type TimeoutAction = IO ()Source

An action to be performed on timeout.

data Handle Source

A handle used by Manager


initialize :: Int -> IO ManagerSource

Creating timeout manager which works every N micro seconds where N is the first argument.

stopManager :: Manager -> IO ()Source

Stopping timeout manager.



:: Int

timeout in microseconds

-> (Manager -> IO a) 
-> IO a 

Call the inner function with a timeout manager.


register :: Manager -> TimeoutAction -> IO HandleSource

Registering a timeout action.

registerKillThread :: Manager -> IO HandleSource

Registering a timeout action of killing this thread.


tickle :: Handle -> IO ()Source

Setting the state to active. Manager turns active to inactive repeatedly.

cancel :: Handle -> IO ()Source

Setting the state to canceled. Manager eventually removes this without timeout action.

pause :: Handle -> IO ()Source

Setting the state to paused. Manager does not change the value.

resume :: Handle -> IO ()Source

Setting the paused state to active. This is an alias to tickle.