web-routes-0.27.9: Library for maintaining correctness and composability of URLs within an application.

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stripOverlap :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> [a] Source

pToken :: tok -> (Text -> Maybe a) -> URLParser a Source

segment :: Text -> URLParser Text Source

match on a specific string

anySegment :: URLParser Text Source

match on any string

patternParse :: ([Text] -> Either String a) -> URLParser a Source

apply a function to the remainder of the segments

useful if you want to just do normal pattern matching: > > foo ["foo", "bar"] = Right (Foo Bar) > foo ["baz"] = Right Baz > foo _ = Left "parse error"

patternParse foo

parseSegments :: URLParser a -> [Text] -> Either String a Source

run a URLParser on a list of path segments

returns Left "parse error" on failure.

returns Right a on success

class PathInfo url where Source

Simple parsing and rendering for a type to and from URL path segments.

If you're using GHC 7.2 or later, you can use DeriveGeneric to derive instances of this class:

{-# LANGUAGE DeriveGeneric #-}
data Sitemap = Home | BlogPost Int deriving Generic
instance PathInfo Sitemap

This results in the following instance:

instance PathInfo Sitemap where
    toPathSegments Home = ["home"]
    toPathSegments (BlogPost x) = "blog-post" : toPathSegments x
    fromPathSegments = Home <$ segment "home"
                   <|> BlogPost <$ segment "blog-post" <*> fromPathSegments

And here it is in action:

>>> toPathInfo (BlogPost 123)
>>> fromPathInfo "/blog-post/123" :: Either String Sitemap
Right (BlogPost 123)

To instead derive instances using TemplateHaskell, see web-routes-th.

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toPathInfo :: PathInfo url => url -> Text Source

convert url into the path info portion of a URL

toPathInfoParams Source


:: PathInfo url 
=> url


-> [(Text, Maybe Text)]

query string parameter

-> Text 

convert url + params into the path info portion of a URL + a query string

fromPathInfo :: PathInfo url => ByteString -> Either String url Source

parse a String into url using PathInfo.

returns Left "parse error" on failure

returns Right url on success

mkSitePI Source


:: PathInfo url 
=> ((url -> [(Text, Maybe Text)] -> Text) -> url -> a)

a routing function

-> Site url a 

turn a routing function into a Site value using the PathInfo class

showParseError :: ParseError -> String Source

show Parsec ParseError using terms that relevant to parsing a url

Re-exported for convenience

class Generic a

Representable types of kind *. This class is derivable in GHC with the DeriveGeneric flag on.

Minimal complete definition

from, to


Generic Bool 
Generic Char 
Generic Double 
Generic Float 
Generic Int 
Generic Ordering 
Generic () 
Generic All 
Generic Any 
Generic Arity 
Generic Fixity 
Generic Associativity 
Generic [a] 
Generic (U1 p) 
Generic (Par1 p) 
Generic (ZipList a) 
Generic (Dual a) 
Generic (Endo a) 
Generic (Sum a) 
Generic (Product a) 
Generic (First a) 
Generic (Last a) 
Generic (Maybe a) 
Generic (Either a b) 
Generic (Rec1 f p) 
Generic (a, b) 
Generic (Const a b) 
Generic (WrappedMonad m a) 
Generic (Proxy * t) 
Generic (K1 i c p) 
Generic ((:+:) f g p) 
Generic ((:*:) f g p) 
Generic ((:.:) f g p) 
Generic (a, b, c) 
Generic (WrappedArrow a b c) 
Generic (M1 i c f p) 
Generic (a, b, c, d) 
Generic (a, b, c, d, e) 
Generic (a, b, c, d, e, f) 
Generic (a, b, c, d, e, f, g)