Copyright (C) 2013-2016 Dr. Alistair Ward

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	it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
	the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
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{- |
 [@AUTHOR@]	Dr. Alistair Ward


	* An abstract description of the properties common to /student/s, /teacher/s or /location/s.

	* Currently just their /availability/, but in principle other common facets of these entities may be added as they're discovered.

	* The simultaneous /availability/ of largely arbitrary collections of tuples can also be determined.

module WeekDaze.Data.Resource(
-- * Type-classes
-- * Types
-- ** Type-synonyms
-- * Functions
--	findCommonAvailability,
) where

import qualified        Data.Foldable
import qualified        Data.Functor
import qualified        Data.Map
import qualified        Data.Set
import qualified        WeekDaze.Size                   as Size
import qualified        WeekDaze.Temporal.Availability  as Temporal.Availability
import qualified        WeekDaze.Temporal.Day           as Temporal.Day

-- | Describes a finite resource, or group of finite resources.
class Resource resource where
        getAvailability :: resource -> Temporal.Availability.Availability       -- ^ The set of /day/s on which the /resource/s are all regularly /available/ to be booked.

        isAvailableOn :: Temporal.Day.Day -> resource -> Bool                   -- ^ True if on the specified /day/, all /resource/s are regularly scheduled to be /available/.
        isAvailableOn day       = Temporal.Availability.isAvailableOn day . getAvailability     -- Default implementation.

-- | The number of /day/s in any week, on which all the /resource/s are simultaneously /available/.
countDaysPerWeekAvailable :: Resource resource => resource -> Size.NDays
countDaysPerWeekAvailable       = Temporal.Availability.countDaysPerWeekAvailable . getAvailability

-- | True if on any /day/, all the /resource/s are regularly scheduled to be simultaneously /available/.
isAvailable :: Resource resource => resource -> Bool
isAvailable     = not . Temporal.Availability.isUnavailable . getAvailability

-- Properties of homogeneous resources ...

-- | Returns the /day/s on which all the specified /resource/s are /available/.
findCommonAvailability :: (Data.Foldable.Foldable f, Data.Functor.Functor f, Resource resource) => f resource -> Temporal.Availability.Availability
findCommonAvailability  = Temporal.Availability.findIntersections . fmap getAvailability

instance Resource resource => Resource [resource] where
        getAvailability         = findCommonAvailability
        isAvailableOn day       = all (isAvailableOn day)

instance Resource resource => Resource (Data.Map.Map k resource) where
        getAvailability         = findCommonAvailability
        isAvailableOn day       = Data.Foldable.all (isAvailableOn day)

instance (
#if !MIN_VERSION_containers(0,5,2)
        Ord             resource,       -- Not required after "Data.Set-7.8.1".
        Resource        resource
 ) => Resource (Data.Set.Set resource) where
        getAvailability         = Temporal.Availability.findIntersections . Data.Set.map getAvailability
        isAvailableOn day       = Data.Foldable.all (isAvailableOn day)

-- Properties of heterogenous resources ...

instance (Resource a, Resource b) => Resource (a, b) where
        getAvailability (x, y)          = getAvailability x `Temporal.Availability.findIntersection` getAvailability y
        isAvailableOn day (x, y)        = all (Temporal.Availability.isAvailableOn day) [getAvailability x, getAvailability y]

instance (Resource a, Resource b, Resource c) => Resource (a, b, c) where
        getAvailability (x, y, z)       = Temporal.Availability.findIntersections [getAvailability x, getAvailability y, getAvailability z]
        isAvailableOn day (x, y, z)     = all (Temporal.Availability.isAvailableOn day) [getAvailability x, getAvailability y, getAvailability z]

-- | Describes a map indexed by unique /resource/-identifiers.
type ResourceMap resourceId resource    = Data.Map.Map resourceId resource

-- | Extract those /resource/s from the map provided, which are /available/ on the specified /day/.
extractAvailableResources :: Resource resource => Temporal.Day.Day -> ResourceMap resourceId resource -> ResourceMap resourceId resource
extractAvailableResources day   = Data.Map.filter (isAvailableOn day)