wild-bind- Dynamic key binding framework
MaintainerToshio Ito <debug.ito@gmail.com>
Safe HaskellNone




Functions to build executable action

wildBind :: Ord i => Binding s i -> FrontEnd s i -> IO () Source #

Combines the FrontEnd and the Binding and returns the executable.

wildBind' :: Ord i => Option s i -> Binding s i -> FrontEnd s i -> IO () Source #

Build the executable with Option.

Option for executable

data Option s i Source #

WildBind configuration options.

You can get the default value of Option by defOption funcion, and modify its members via accessor functions listed below.

Accessor functions for Option

optBindingHook :: Option s i -> [(i, ActionDescription)] -> IO () Source #

An action executed when current binding may be changed. Default: do nothing.

optCatch :: Option s i -> s -> i -> SomeException -> IO () Source #

the handler for exceptions thrown from bound actions. Default: just print the SomeException to stderr and ignore it.