wumpus-basic-0.10.0: Common drawing utilities built on wumpus-core.

Stabilityhighly unstable
MaintainerStephen Tetley <stephen.tetley@gmail.com>



LRText monad - left-to-right text, with kerning.

Note - because Wumpus has no access to the metrics data inside a font file, the default spacing is not good and it is expected that kerning will need to be added per-letter for variable width fonts.

This module makes precise horizontal text spacing *possible*, it does not make it *easy*.


data LRText u a Source


runLRText :: (Num u, FromPtSize u) => LRText u a -> LocImage u aSource

kern :: Num u => u -> LRText u ()Source

char :: Num u => Char -> LRText u ()Source

symb :: Num u => Char -> LRText u ()Source