wumpus-basic-0.18.0: Basic objects and system code built on Wumpus-Core.

Stabilityhighly unstable



Top level module for font loading...



type FontLoader = [Either FontDef FontFamily] -> IO FontLoadResultSource

A FontLoader is an action from a list of fonts to a FontLoadResult returned in IO.

Fonts are supplied in a list of Either FontDef FontFamily, this is a little cumbersome but it allows the loader to load individual fonts and / or a whole families with a single API call.

simpleFontLoader :: (FontLoader -> IO a) -> IO (Maybe a)Source

Tries to find the GhostScript metrics first...

Runs the IO action on the loader if it finds one.

Either of one of the environment variables WUMPUS_AFM_FONT_DIR or WUMPUS_GS_FONT_DIR must be defined and point to their respective directory.