Changelog for wumpus-core-0.30.0

0.22.0 TO 0.23.0: * @Basic.GraphicsState@ - extracted the font face fields from @FontAttr@ datatype into a separate datatype @FontFace@. * Added @PtSize@ a numeric type wrapping Double. This is specifically for text size calculations, vis the @Core.FontSize@ module. * Changed all functions in @Core.FontSize@ to return @PtSize@ instead of a polymorphic type @u@ (where @u@ is an instance of Fractional). To get to another unit type rather than FontSize use an explicit conversion that scales the value accordingly. * Added FromPtSize class constraints to various functions in @Core.Picture@. * Added @charWidth@ to @Core.FontSize@. * Added @vlength@ to @Core.Geometry@ 0.21.0 to 0.22.0: * Moved the deprecated module @Wumpus.Extra.PictureLanguage@ into the package Wumpus-Basic along with the example @Picture.hs@. * Added vec as a synonym for the constructor V2. * Changed some of the Core.FontSize to use better terminology. Thus some of the constants have changed. Added a new example @FontMetrics.hs@ to illustrate how FontSize works. Particularly, the function @capHeight@ has been replaced with the function @numeralHeight@ which has better semantics. * The CTM data type and ToCTM class are now hidden in the top-level import module @Wumpus.Core@. They can be accessed by importing @Wumpus.Core.GraphicsState@ directly. * Exposed the PSUnit type class. 0.20.0 to 0.21.0: * Removed the Primitive instances of the Affine transformation classes. They have been replaced with special transformation functions: @rotatePrimitive@, @scalePrimitive@, @translatePrimitive@. As Primitives are not in an affine frame until they are lifted to Pictures the affine instances had ill-conceived semantics. * Due to changes to accommodate the new non-affine transformations, many of the class obligations have changed on the @unit@ of Pictures, Primitives, Bounding Boxes etc. Generally many class contexts that previously required Fractional and Ord on the unit have changed to Real and Floating. * Removed demo/AffineTest04.hs - there is no longer a @rotateAbout@ operation on Primitives as they do not exist in an affine frame until they they are lifted to Pictures. Added - Scaled.hs, Rotated.hs, Translated,hs. * Removed the UndecidableInstances pragma from Core.PictureInternal. It looks like Core.Geometry will always needs UndecidableInstances though. * Removed the Ord superclass constriant from the @Stroke@ and @Fill@ classes and derived operations (e.g. @zostroke@). 0.19.0 to 0.20.0: * Removed the modules: (1) Wumpus.Extra.SafeFonts (2) Wumpus.Extra.SVGColours@ (3) Wumpus.Extra.X11Colours - they are now in the package @wumpus-basic@. * Removed the example FontPic.hs to @wumpus-basic@. * Renamed some functions in Core.BoundingBox: (1) @trace@ changed to @traceBoundary@, (2) @retrace@ changed to @retraceBoundary@. * Fixed bug with @picOver@, previously the zorder was wrong and the function was actually working as /picUnder/. * Added @capHeight@ to FontSize - get the size of an upper case letter without ascenders of descenders. * Guide updated regarding the new package @wumpus-basic@. 0.18.0 to 0.19.0: * Added @Transform@ type class to apply a matrix transformation directly. * Changed the ordering of picture drawing in PostScript and SVG output so the list gets drawn from tail to head with right folds. This makes the list order of pictures match their zorder. * Renamed the function @withinBB@ (Core.BoundingBox) to @within@. * On many type signatures with e.g. Points, I\'ve changed the parameter name on the type constructor from @a@ to @u@. This is to indicate that @u@ is some unit - almost always a Double. e.g @Point2 a@ becomes @Point2 u@ and all the class obligations change lexically as well @Floating a =>@ to @Floating u =>@. Superficially this means a lot of type signatures have diffs but haven\'t really changed. * Added function @bezierCircle@ to generate the Bezier curve points for arcs describing a circle. * Added new demo - MultiPic. The PostScript it generates is efficient - no extraneous use of @concat@. * Added wumpus_default_font constant. 0.17.0 to 0.18.0: * Added instances of the affine operation classes (Scale, Rotate ...) for Primitives (path, text label, ellipse). * Added some picture composition functions to Core.Picture. These are useful for testing where the type class complications of Extra.PictureLanguage are an overhead. * Added iRGB to Core.Colour - create RGB colours with integer components [0..255] - and iHSB, iGrey. * Added some test modules for the affine transformations. These illustrate a quirk in Wumpus where, under affine transformation, Pictures may generate a larger bounding box than composite primitives. * Minor change - ztextlabal changed to use 24pt type rather than 12pt. * Corrected the cabal file to include the correct files for the manual. The Haskell source file @WorldFrame.hs@ was missing with the generated file @WorldFrame.eps@ incorrectly included instead. 0.16.0 to 0.17.0: * Added Core.WumpusTypes to export opaque versions of datatypes from Core.PictureInternal. This should make the Haddock documentation more cohesive. * Moved the Core.PictureLanguage module into the Extra namespace (Extra.PictureLanguage). This module may change in detail, if not in spirit in the future as I'm not very happy with it. Also this module is somewhat \"higher-level\" than the modules in wumpus-core, so a different home seems fitting. * Removed CardinalPoint and boundaryPoint from BoundingBox. * Argument order of 'textlabel' and 'ztextlabel' changed so that Point2 is the last argument. * PathSegment constructor names changed - this is an internal change as the constructors are not exported. * Primitive type changed - moved Ellipse properties into PrimEllipse type - internal change. * Removed dependency on \'old-time\'. 0.15.0 to 0.16.0: * Additions to Core.Geometry (direction, pvec, vangle, circularModulo). * Fixed error with langle due to not accounting for circle quadrants in Core.Geometry. * Point2 now derives Ord - so it can be used as a key for Data.Map. * Added escape-character handling to text output in PostScript. This was causing a nasty bug where a drawing would completely fail when special chars shown (GhostView gives little hint of what is wrong when such errors are present). * Changed BoundingBox operation 'corners' to return a 4-tuple rather than a list. * Added centeredAt to PictureLanguage 0.14.0 to 0.15.0: * Added Named colours and "safe fonts" from wumpus-extra. * Added wumpus_core_version to track version number. 0.13.1 to 0.14.0: * Added draft user guide. * Argument order changed for @ellipse@ and @zellispe@ in Wumpus.Core.Picture. * Removed dependency on Data.Aviary. * Removed DList dependency. 0.13.0 to 0.13.1: * Wumpus.Core.SVG changed path_s to path_c - \'S\' was the wrongSVG command to match PostScript\'s @curveto@. 0.12.0 to 0.13.0: * More Haddock documenting. * @lowerLeftUpperRight@ removed from "Wumpus.Core.BoundingBox". * Added range checking and Ord obligation t to the @bbox@ \'smart\' constructor. * Numeric instances for "Wumpus.Core.Colour" improved. * MatrixMult type class simplified * Dash Pattern made a list of on-off pairs rather than just a list * The modules - Wumpus.Core.PictureInternal, Wumpus.Core.PostScript, Wumpus.Core.SVG & Wumpus.Core.Utils - are no longer exposed. * Various operators in "Wumpus.Core.PictureLanguage" changed. * Wumpus.Core.TextEncoding split into an internal and a public module (internal - Wumpus.Core.TextEncodingInternal, public - Wumpus.Core.TextEncoder).