Changelog for wumpus-core-0.52.1

0.52.0 to 0.52.1: * Removed internal @(<>)@ format combinator that caused problems for GHC 7.4. 0.51.0 to 0.52.0: * Added limited support for adding SVG ids to text and Primitives. * Fixed types of @d2r@ and @r2d@ to Double for degrees, rather than a parametric (Real a, Floating a) type. Although this is less general, it removes the burden of type annotating the common case. * Added the vector functions @orthoVec@, @vsum@ and @vdiff@ to @Core.Geometry@. * Re-named @clip@ to @clipPrimitive@ 0.50.0 to 0.51.0: * Added special cases to handle continuity to the function @lineDirection@ in @Core.Geometry@. * Added @zeroVec@ to @Core.Geometry@. * Extended some Haddock documentation. 0.43.0 to 0.50.0: * Major change hence the version number jump - the notion of parametric unit has been removed from the @Picture@ objects (it for remains the @Geometric@ objects @Point2@, @Vec2@ etc.). Certain useful units, e.g. @em@ and @en@, are contextual on the \"current point size\", and having a parametric unit here was actually a hinderance to supporting units properly in higher-level layers. Now all Picture objects (those defined or exported from @Core.Picture@) are fixed to use Double - representing PostScript points. Higher level layers that intend to support alternative units must translate drawing objects to PostScript point measurements /before/ calling the Picture API. Geometric objects - objects defined in @Core.Geometry@, e.g. @Point2@, @Vec2@ - are still polymorphic on unit. * Picture API change - Various function names changed. @lineTo@ becomes @absLineTo@ and @curveTo@ becomes @absCurveTo@. The path builders are qualified with /Prim/, @vertexPath@ becomes @vertexPrimPath@, @vectorPath@ becomes @vectorPrimPath@, @emptyPath@ becomes @emptyPrimPath@ and @curvedPath@ becomes @curvedPrimPath@. @xlink@ becomes @xlinkPrim@. * API change - @PtSize@ data type replaced by @AfmUnit@ for font measurements. * API and representation change - clipping paths are represented as @Primitive@ constructor rather than a @Picture@ constructor. This should make them more useful. The type of the function @clip@ in @Core.Picture@ has likewise changed. * Picture API change - changed @primPath@ to @absPrimPath@, added the functions @relPrimPath@, @relLineTo@, @relCurveTo@. * Added the class @Tolerance@ to @Core.Geometry@ and made the Eq instances of @Point2@, @Vec2@ and @BoundingBox@ tolerant. Tolerance accounts for a fairly lax equality on floating point numbers - it is suitable for Wumpus (printing) where high accuracy is needed. 0.42.1 to 0.43.0: * API change - the function @bezierCircle@ in @Core.Geometry@ has changed. It now implements a better method of drawing circles with Bezier curves and no longer needs the subvision factor. The old circle drawing function has been retained as @subdivisionCircle@ as it is useful for corroborating @bezierCircle@, but the general use of @subdivisionCircle@ should be avoided. * Added a function @bezierEllipse@ to @Core.Geometry@. 0.42.0 to 0.42.1: * Fixed bug in the @curvedPath@ function in @Core.Picture@ where the wrong relative point was being calculated for the second control point. * Changed internals of the @EscapedText@ type so it supports efficient concatenation, and now has a Monoid instance. 0.41.0 to 0.42.0: * Removed the function @oboundingBox@ from @Core.BoundingBox@. It was unused in Wumpus-Core and had unwise error handling baked-in. * Renamed @direction@ in @Wumpus.Core.Geometry@, it is now @vdirection@. * Fixed internal Foldable instances for JoinList. The left and right folds worked in the wrong direction. * Some improvements to the Haddock documentation. 0.40.0 to 0.41.0: * Changed PostScript output to use pre-defined procedures for circles and ellipses. This should be a significant optimization for drawings that have many circles or ellipses. For drawings that do not use circles or ellipses, it adds circa. 75 lines to the generated PostScript which is tolerable. * API change - @Core.Text.Base@ no longer exports the constructor and field label for @EscapedText@, it is now an opaque type. For a building @EscapedText@ either the existing /safe/constructor @escapeString@ or the new function @wrapEscChar@ should be used. For destructing @EscapedText@ there is a new function @destrEscapedText@. * API change - the argument order of the functions @rtextlabel@ and @rescapedlabel@ in @Core.Picture@ has changed. The order of angle of rotation and the baseline-left has been swapped so that angle of rotation is first. This matches the other rotated graphics in @Core.Picture@. * Upper bounds of Cabal build depends relaxed a bit. * Added the @UNil@ type to @Core.Geometry@ and added affine instances for the UNil type, plus Maybe and Pair. @UNil@ is useful for higher-level drawing (it is used extensively in Wumpus-Basic). * Added the function @emptyPath@ to @Core.Picture@. This creates a /null path/ with an empty list of path segments. Null paths still need a start point - this is minimum needed for bounding box calculation. Improved the PostScript and SVG output so there is no code generated for empty paths and textlabels. * Added @vectorPath@ to @Core.Picture@. * Added @boundaryCenter@ to @Core.BoundingBox@. * Improved generated SVG code generation for ellipses / circles. 0.37.0 to 0.40.0: * Text handling substantially revised. SVG text output is now better aligned to Unicode. The encoding tables for PostScript have been re-thought, the previous implementation had some serious design flaws that should now be rectified. * The rules for escaping special characters has been clarified. Previously the documentation suggested @ampersand-name-semicolon@ could be used to escape glyph names however only @ampersand-hash-name-semicolon@ worked. @ampersand-name-semicolon@ is now the correct way. The ampersand-hash prefix is for numeric literals - @ampersand-hash-num_literal-semicolon@. * Versions of the textlabel functions have been added to @Core.Picture@ for escape-parsed text. It is useful for higher-level software to escape the text, do some calculations then render it - going back to un-escaped text for the rendering would be inefficient. * The internal representation of paths has changed. They are now represented as start-point plus list of /relative/ path segments rather than start-point plus list of absolute path segments. Using relative path segments makes it cheaper to move paths with @translate@, although calculating the bounding box and rendering to PostScript is more expensive. The rationale for the change is that to make complex pictures, paths are potentially moved many times but the other operations are only performed once. * Internal change to Primitives and the PrimCTM - ellipses and labels no longer have a point (center or baseline left) as an element in the datatype, the point is now represented within the PrimCTM. * Name change to @Core.Picture@ API - the path construction function @path@ has been renamed to @primPath@. * Name change in @Core.FontSize@, the function @textBoundsEnc@ has been renamed to @textBoundsEsc@. Wumpus-Core now calls strings that have been parsed for escape characters /Escaped Text/ rather than /Encoded Text/. * Fixed bug where ellipse rotation and scaling calculated the wrong bounding box. * Fixed bug in @illustrateControlPoints@ where the control points were drawn but the original primitive was lost. * Added initial support for arbitrary SVG attributes (e.g. onmouseover handlers) via @annotateGroup@ in @Core.Picture@. Arbitrary SVG \"defs\" can be written into the defs prologue by using @writeSVG_defs@ instead of @writeSVG@. This functionality is mostly untested! 0.36.0 to 0.37.0: * The bounding box constructors have been renamed - @bbox@ is now @boundingBox@ and @obbox@ becomes @oboundingBox@. The rationale for this change is that the names very cryptic in the first place and the constructors are used infrequently when @bbox@ in particular makes a descriptive variable name. * Changes to the Picture and Primitive types to enable better concatenation which is used heavily by Wumpus-Basic. The Picture API exposes a new function @primCat@. * SVG /font delta context/ change - font deltas are now annotated on Primitives not Pictures. The type of the function @fontDeltaContext@ in @Core.Picture@ has changed accordingly. * SVG hyperlink change - hyperlinks no longer group primitives (although a group of primitives can be hyperlinked). The function @xlinkGroup@ has been removed from @Core.Picture@, it is replaced by @xlink@. * @Core.Picture@ - the argument order for the function @rtextlabel@ has been changed, the positions of the angle and bottom-left corner have been swapped. 0.35.0 to 0.36.0: * API / behaviour change - rotation on primitives changed. New functions have been added to create rotated text labels and ellipses (@rtextlabel@, @rstrokeEllipse@, etc.), and Primitives have been made instances of the Affine classes except for the general matrix Transform class. The old functions for transforming Primitives (@rotatePrim@, @scalePrim@, etc.) have been removed. The demos (Rotated.hs, Scaled.hs, Translated.hs) have been removed as they pertain to the old behaviour, there are new demos highlighting the new behaviour (TransformEllipse.hs, etc.). * Major change - removed the PrimElement type. The (opaque) Primitive type has been changed to incorporate a grouping constructor equivalent to PrimElement\'s @XLinkGroup@ contructor. The change has made the implementation of SVG hyperlinks more efficient, but has forced various type signatures to change in @Core.Picture@. Client code will also have to change type signatures - @PrimElement@ becomes @Primitive@. * @Core.PtSize@ - the class @FromPtSize@ has been given a @Num@ superclass constraint. This can shorten type signatures of functions that use @fromPtSize@. * Corrected a bug where textlabels would generate an invalid bounding box and cause a runtime error when supplied with an empty string. Now there is no runtime error - and /no-ops/ are generated in the output. * Internal changes - moved @PrimCTM@ from @Core.PictureInternal@ into separate module. Moved /utility/ modules into their own directory @Utils@. Move /text/ modules into their own directory @Text@. * Removed dependency on @algebra@ for @Semigroup@. The equivalent @append@ operation on @BoundingBox@ is @boundaryUnion@. * Renamed the @Core.GraphicsState@ to @Core.GraphicProps@. Moved the property datatypes from @Core.PictureInternal@ into @Core.GraphicProps@ (StrokeProps, LabelProps, etc.). * Moved @wumpus_default_font@ from @Core.Picture@ into @Core.Graphic.Props@. * Haddock docs improved. 0.34.0 to 0.35.0: * Bug fix - PostScript output - when more than one stroke property changed the changes were concatenated without a separator. This generated invalid PostScript. Now fixed. * Documentation updates to the guide and the Haddock docs. 0.33.0 to 0.34.0: * Clipping paths fixed. Previously they did not work for SVG or PostScript. * @picOver@ fixed. Drawing order was changed in version 0.33.0, but @picOver@ was not updated accordingly (so it actually started drawing pictures /under/). It now works correctly. * The lexer for escape characters embedded in label strings has been rewritten. It now supports octal and hexadecimal codes. 0.32.0 to 0.33.0: * Major change - reworked support for text encoding. Encoding maps are now linked with fonts - it was spotted that the Symbol font does not use the Latin1 names. The @TextEncoder@ data type has been changed and there is a new @FontEncoder@ data type. There are also new modules for the Symbol Font encoder table and for the /Default Encoder/ which accommodates both Latin1 and the Symbol font. This has also mandated changes to the @FontFace@ data type. * Major change - the printing order has been changed. The first element in a @frame@ of Prims is draw first. This means it appears first in the output file (this makes sense) - it also means it is at the back in the Z-Order. This latter point might not be so intuitive, but changing the printing order at least makes Wumpus-Core match SVG and PostScript. * Changed the visiblity of the new colours (yellow, cyan, magenta) to be hidden at the top level. They can be exposed by importing @Wumpus.Core.Colour@. * @Wumpus.Core.FontSize@ - added @spacerWidth@ function. 0.31.0 to 0.32.0: * Major API changes to @Core.Picture@ for XML hyperlinks. Hyperlinks now group one-or-more Primitives (path or label), instead of being attached to a single Primitive. This better corresponds with XML but it has made the Picture type more complicated, and has mandated significant changes to the Picture API. All the hyperlink variants of the Primitive constructors have been removed (xcstroke, xfill, xtextlabel, ...), and hyperlinks are now created with @xlinkGroup@. * The type signatures for the /primitive/ constructors (fill, cstroke, textlabel, ...) in the Picture API have changed and are now more complicated as there is an extra layer of indirection in the type hierarchy. * The primitive constructors for filled and stroked paths and ellipses have been renamed: @bordered@ is now @fillStroke@, @borderedEllipse@ is now @fillStrokeEllipse@. * @Core.FontSize@ - the arguments to the function @textBounds@ have been changed to take the String in question, rather than its precomputed length. The size of the string is then calculated with the new function @charCount@ which takes into account escaped characters. * Added @yellow@, @cyan@ and @magenta@ to the predefined colours in @Core.Colour@. 0.30.0 to 0.31.0: * Extended the label type to optionally handle horizontal or vertical \"kerning\". This can be efficiently implemented in SVG. * Major API change - the Primitive constructors defined in @Core.PictureLanguage@ are no longer overloaded (@cstroke@, @ostroke@, @fill@, @textlabel@, @ellipse@). The respective classes (@Stroke@, @TextLabel@, @Ellipse@) have been removed and the constructors now have monomorphic types. This is because Wumpus-Core now only has one colour type and stroke attributes are now a single type, so polymorphism became less useful (and the simplicity of monomorphic types became more favourable). @ellipse@ is no longer a constructor instead there variants @fillEllipse@ and @strokeEllipse@. * Added support for /bordered/ closed paths - i.e. paths that are both stroked and filled. These can be efficiently drawn in SVG with a single @path@ element. * Changed StrokeAttr representation to be a regular data type rather than a list of /deltas/ - i.e. differences to the graphics state. * Added SVG font attribute /delta optimizations/ to help reduce SVG code size - via the @fontDeltaContext@ function in @Core.Picture@. This functionality was partially inplemented in the last release using the @GSUpdate@ datatype - this datatype it is now called @FontCtx@. * Some internal work documenting text encoding. 0.23.0 to 0.30.0: * Substantial changes - the output machinery has been heavily modified, the intention was to reduce the use of matrix transformations in SVG output. Though this goal has not been achieved, some code-size improvements in the SVG output have been made. * The code generation monads have been changed - Wumpus no longer uses a writer monad for code generation, but it will keep the Wumpus name. * Added support for hyperlinks in the SVG output. * Improved internal pretty printing and added the function @printPicture@ for debugging. * The @Core.Colour@ module has been simplified to support just one (new) type - RGBi, and the conversion type class @PSColour@ has been eliminated. * @Core.Picture@ - the type of the @frame@ function has been changed to take a list of Primitives rather than a single Primitive. The function @frameMulti@ which previously provided this functionality has been removed. SVG hyperlinks are now supported for Primitives. * The default font size has been changed to 14 pt. * The Path datatype has been renamed PrimPath, likewise Ellipse is now PrimEllispe and Label becomes PrimLabel. * @Core.Geometry@ now longer defines an affine frame datatype. * @Core.BoundingBox@ module changed significantly. The corner functions (@boundaryBottomLeft@, etc.) have been removed, along with the plane functions (@leftPlane@, etc.). Some functions have been given more verbose names - @corners@ is now @boundaryCorners@, @within@ is now @withinBoundary@ and @union@ is now @boundaryUnion@. 0.22.0 TO 0.23.0: * @Basic.GraphicsState@ - extracted the font face fields from @FontAttr@ datatype into a separate datatype @FontFace@. * Added @PtSize@ a numeric type wrapping Double. This is specifically for text size calculations, vis the @Core.FontSize@ module. * Changed all functions in @Core.FontSize@ to return @PtSize@ instead of a polymorphic type @u@ (where @u@ is an instance of Fractional). To get to another unit type rather than FontSize use an explicit conversion that scales the value accordingly. * Added FromPtSize class constraints to various functions in @Core.Picture@. * Added @charWidth@ to @Core.FontSize@. * Added @vlength@ to @Core.Geometry@ 0.21.0 to 0.22.0: * Moved the deprecated module @Wumpus.Extra.PictureLanguage@ into the package Wumpus-Basic along with the example @Picture.hs@. * Added vec as a synonym for the constructor V2. * Changed some of the Core.FontSize to use better terminology. Thus some of the constants have changed. Added a new example @FontMetrics.hs@ to illustrate how FontSize works. Particularly, the function @capHeight@ has been replaced with the function @numeralHeight@ which has better semantics. * The CTM data type and ToCTM class are now hidden in the top-level import module @Wumpus.Core@. They can be accessed by importing @Wumpus.Core.GraphicsState@ directly. * Exposed the PSUnit type class. 0.20.0 to 0.21.0: * Removed the Primitive instances of the Affine transformation classes. They have been replaced with special transformation functions: @rotatePrimitive@, @scalePrimitive@, @translatePrimitive@. As Primitives are not in an affine frame until they are lifted to Pictures the affine instances had ill-conceived semantics. * Due to changes to accommodate the new non-affine transformations, many of the class obligations have changed on the @unit@ of Pictures, Primitives, Bounding Boxes etc. Generally many class contexts that previously required Fractional and Ord on the unit have changed to Real and Floating. * Removed demo/AffineTest04.hs - there is no longer a @rotateAbout@ operation on Primitives as they do not exist in an affine frame until they they are lifted to Pictures. Added - Scaled.hs, Rotated.hs, Translated,hs. * Removed the UndecidableInstances pragma from Core.PictureInternal. It looks like Core.Geometry will always needs UndecidableInstances though. * Removed the Ord superclass constriant from the @Stroke@ and @Fill@ classes and derived operations (e.g. @zostroke@). 0.19.0 to 0.20.0: * Removed the modules: (1) Wumpus.Extra.SafeFonts (2) Wumpus.Extra.SVGColours@ (3) Wumpus.Extra.X11Colours - they are now in the package @wumpus-basic@. * Removed the example FontPic.hs to @wumpus-basic@. * Renamed some functions in Core.BoundingBox: (1) @trace@ changed to @traceBoundary@, (2) @retrace@ changed to @retraceBoundary@. * Fixed bug with @picOver@, previously the zorder was wrong and the function was actually working as /picUnder/. * Added @capHeight@ to FontSize - get the size of an upper case letter without ascenders of descenders. * Guide updated regarding the new package @wumpus-basic@. 0.18.0 to 0.19.0: * Added @Transform@ type class to apply a matrix transformation directly. * Changed the ordering of picture drawing in PostScript and SVG output so the list gets drawn from tail to head with right folds. This makes the list order of pictures match their zorder. * Renamed the function @withinBB@ (Core.BoundingBox) to @within@. * On many type signatures with e.g. Points, I\'ve changed the parameter name on the type constructor from @a@ to @u@. This is to indicate that @u@ is some unit - almost always a Double. e.g @Point2 a@ becomes @Point2 u@ and all the class obligations change lexically as well @Floating a =>@ to @Floating u =>@. Superficially this means a lot of type signatures have diffs but haven\'t really changed. * Added function @bezierCircle@ to generate the Bezier curve points for arcs describing a circle. * Added new demo - MultiPic. The PostScript it generates is efficient - no extraneous use of @concat@. * Added wumpus_default_font constant. 0.17.0 to 0.18.0: * Added instances of the affine operation classes (Scale, Rotate ...) for Primitives (path, text label, ellipse). * Added some picture composition functions to Core.Picture. These are useful for testing where the type class complications of Extra.PictureLanguage are an overhead. * Added iRGB to Core.Colour - create RGB colours with integer components [0..255] - and iHSB, iGrey. * Added some test modules for the affine transformations. These illustrate a quirk in Wumpus where, under affine transformation, Pictures may generate a larger bounding box than composite primitives. * Minor change - ztextlabal changed to use 24pt type rather than 12pt. * Corrected the cabal file to include the correct files for the manual. The Haskell source file @WorldFrame.hs@ was missing with the generated file @WorldFrame.eps@ incorrectly included instead. 0.16.0 to 0.17.0: * Added Core.WumpusTypes to export opaque versions of datatypes from Core.PictureInternal. This should make the Haddock documentation more cohesive. * Moved the Core.PictureLanguage module into the Extra namespace (Extra.PictureLanguage). This module may change in detail, if not in spirit in the future as I'm not very happy with it. Also this module is somewhat \"higher-level\" than the modules in wumpus-core, so a different home seems fitting. * Removed CardinalPoint and boundaryPoint from BoundingBox. * Argument order of 'textlabel' and 'ztextlabel' changed so that Point2 is the last argument. * PathSegment constructor names changed - this is an internal change as the constructors are not exported. * Primitive type changed - moved Ellipse properties into PrimEllipse type - internal change. * Removed dependency on \'old-time\'. 0.15.0 to 0.16.0: * Additions to Core.Geometry (direction, pvec, vangle, circularModulo). * Fixed error with langle due to not accounting for circle quadrants in Core.Geometry. * Point2 now derives Ord - so it can be used as a key for Data.Map. * Added escape-character handling to text output in PostScript. This was causing a nasty bug where a drawing would completely fail when special chars shown (GhostView gives little hint of what is wrong when such errors are present). * Changed BoundingBox operation 'corners' to return a 4-tuple rather than a list. * Added centeredAt to PictureLanguage 0.14.0 to 0.15.0: * Added Named colours and "safe fonts" from wumpus-extra. * Added wumpus_core_version to track version number. 0.13.1 to 0.14.0: * Added draft user guide. * Argument order changed for @ellipse@ and @zellispe@ in Wumpus.Core.Picture. * Removed dependency on Data.Aviary. * Removed DList dependency. 0.13.0 to 0.13.1: * Wumpus.Core.SVG changed path_s to path_c - \'S\' was the wrongSVG command to match PostScript\'s @curveto@. 0.12.0 to 0.13.0: * More Haddock documenting. * @lowerLeftUpperRight@ removed from "Wumpus.Core.BoundingBox". * Added range checking and Ord obligation t to the @bbox@ \'smart\' constructor. * Numeric instances for "Wumpus.Core.Colour" improved. * MatrixMult type class simplified * Dash Pattern made a list of on-off pairs rather than just a list * The modules - Wumpus.Core.PictureInternal, Wumpus.Core.PostScript, Wumpus.Core.SVG & Wumpus.Core.Utils - are no longer exposed. * Various operators in "Wumpus.Core.PictureLanguage" changed. * Wumpus.Core.TextEncoding split into an internal and a public module (internal - Wumpus.Core.TextEncodingInternal, public - Wumpus.Core.TextEncoder).