Changelog for xchat-plugin-0.0.3

CHANGES 0.0.2 -> 0.0.3 - Network.IRC.XChat.Example moved to Network.IRC.XChat.Examples.AutoOp - New example added : a simple counter - Plugin memory doesn't require to be Storable anymore - Less internal malloc/free - The memory type MUST now be defined in the programmer's module - Le type version a été enlevé 0.0.1 -> 0.0.2 - imports have been cleaned - corrected bug with the StripRules type (no-attribute and no-color had to be swapped) - now every allocated memory should be freed (it wasn't the case yet, as the previous version was the first one, and I just wanted some working stuff) - added some strictness annotations, but I guess many more should be added although it shouldn't make a real difference (it is just a binding after all) 0.0.1 - first release - not available on Hackage (and won't be) ==================== Plans for later versions - more examples - consider removing the "XChatPlugin a" argument of all functions, since at first glance, one and only one plugin handle is defined in each plugin - replace event strings with an event type, for type safety and to avoid mistyping an event string. Furthermore, it improves the documentation to be able to get an exhaustive list of possible command; with strings we are never sure there is a forgotten one.