xhb-0.5.2012.11.23: X Haskell Bindings

Safe HaskellNone



X Haskell Bindings This module containes (or re-exports) the core functionality needed to communicate with an X server.

No frills.

If you'd like to work with an extension to the X Protocol, you should be able to find what you're looking for in one of the Graphics.XHB.Gen.* modules. Also, the module Graphics.XHB.Connection.Extension may be of use.



data Xid Source


Eq Xid 
Ord Xid 
Show Xid 
Deserialize Xid 
Serialize Xid 
XidLike Xid 

class SimpleEnum a whereSource


toValue :: (Eq n, Num n) => a -> nSource

fromValue :: (Eq n, Num n) => n -> aSource


SimpleEnum MapIndex 
SimpleEnum MappingStatus 
SimpleEnum ScreenSaver 
SimpleEnum Kill 
SimpleEnum CloseDown 
SimpleEnum AccessControl 
SimpleEnum Family 
SimpleEnum HostMode 
SimpleEnum Exposures 
SimpleEnum Blanking 
SimpleEnum AutoRepeatMode 
SimpleEnum LedMode 
SimpleEnum QueryShapeOf 
SimpleEnum Font 
SimpleEnum Pixmap 
SimpleEnum ColormapAlloc 
SimpleEnum ImageFormat 
SimpleEnum PolyShape 
SimpleEnum CoordMode 
SimpleEnum ClipOrdering 
SimpleEnum ArcMode 
SimpleEnum SubwindowMode 
SimpleEnum FillRule 
SimpleEnum FillStyle 
SimpleEnum JoinStyle 
SimpleEnum CapStyle 
SimpleEnum LineStyle 
SimpleEnum GX 
SimpleEnum FontDraw 
SimpleEnum InputFocus 
SimpleEnum Allow 
SimpleEnum Grab 
SimpleEnum ButtonIndex 
SimpleEnum Cursor 
SimpleEnum GrabStatus 
SimpleEnum GrabMode 
SimpleEnum SendEventDest 
SimpleEnum GetPropertyType 
SimpleEnum PropMode 
SimpleEnum Circulate 
SimpleEnum StackMode 
SimpleEnum SetMode 
SimpleEnum MapState 
SimpleEnum Gravity 
SimpleEnum BackPixmap 
SimpleEnum WindowClass 
SimpleEnum Mapping 
SimpleEnum Colormap 
SimpleEnum ColormapState 
SimpleEnum Atom 
SimpleEnum Time 
SimpleEnum Property 
SimpleEnum Place 
SimpleEnum Visibility 
SimpleEnum NotifyMode 
SimpleEnum NotifyDetail 
SimpleEnum Motion 
SimpleEnum Window 
SimpleEnum ImageOrder 
SimpleEnum BackingStore 
SimpleEnum VisualClass 
SimpleEnum DPMSMode 
SimpleEnum DriverType 
SimpleEnum Attachment 
SimpleEnum RM 
SimpleEnum PBCDT 
SimpleEnum PBCET 
SimpleEnum Repeat 
SimpleEnum SubPixel 
SimpleEnum PolyMode 
SimpleEnum PolyEdge 
SimpleEnum PictOp 
SimpleEnum Picture 
SimpleEnum PictType 
SimpleEnum Notify 
SimpleEnum Connection 
SimpleEnum SetConfig 
SimpleEnum CS 
SimpleEnum State 
SimpleEnum Kind 
SimpleEnum SK 
SimpleEnum SO 
SimpleEnum Region 
SimpleEnum CursorNotify 
SimpleEnum SelectionEvent 
SimpleEnum SaveSetMapping 
SimpleEnum SaveSetTarget 
SimpleEnum SaveSetMode 
SimpleEnum Redirect 
SimpleEnum ReportLevel 
SimpleEnum TESTTYPE 
SimpleEnum Datatype 
SimpleEnum FeedbackClass 
SimpleEnum DeviceInputMode 
SimpleEnum InputClass 
SimpleEnum DeviceUse 
SimpleEnum PropagateMode 
SimpleEnum ValuatorMode 
SimpleEnum Attr 
SimpleEnum Detail 
SimpleEnum GetDoc 
SimpleEnum Cursor 
SimpleEnum GrabPortStatus 
SimpleEnum ScanlineOrder 
SimpleEnum VideoNotifyReason 
SimpleEnum ImageFormatInfoFormat 
SimpleEnum ImageFormatInfoType 

fromMask :: (Bits b, BitEnum e) => b -> [e]Source

toMask :: (Bits b, Num b, BitEnum e) => [e] -> bSource

data ValueParam a Source


(Bits a, Show a) => Show (ValueParam a) 
(Deserialize a, Bits a) => Deserialize (ValueParam a) 
(Serialize a, Bits a) => Serialize (ValueParam a) 

toValueParam :: (Bits a, Num a, BitEnum e) => [(e, Word32)] -> ValueParam aSource

getReply :: Receipt a -> IO (Either SomeError a)Source

Extracts a reply from the receipt from the request. Blocks until the reply is available.

class Typeable a => Event a whereSource


Event UnknownEvent 
Event MappingNotifyEvent 
Event ClientMessageEvent 
Event ColormapNotifyEvent 
Event SelectionNotifyEvent 
Event SelectionRequestEvent 
Event SelectionClearEvent 
Event PropertyNotifyEvent 
Event CirculateRequestEvent 
Event CirculateNotifyEvent 
Event ResizeRequestEvent 
Event GravityNotifyEvent 
Event ConfigureRequestEvent 
Event ConfigureNotifyEvent 
Event ReparentNotifyEvent 
Event MapRequestEvent 
Event MapNotifyEvent 
Event UnmapNotifyEvent 
Event DestroyNotifyEvent 
Event CreateNotifyEvent 
Event VisibilityNotifyEvent 
Event NoExposureEvent 
Event GraphicsExposureEvent 
Event ExposeEvent 
Event KeymapNotifyEvent 
Event FocusOutEvent 
Event FocusInEvent 
Event LeaveNotifyEvent 
Event EnterNotifyEvent 
Event MotionNotifyEvent 
Event ButtonReleaseEvent 
Event ButtonPressEvent 
Event KeyReleaseEvent 
Event KeyPressEvent 
Event PbufferClobberEvent 
Event NotifyEvent 
Event ScreenChangeNotifyEvent 
Event NotifyEvent 
Event NotifyEvent 
Event CursorNotifyEvent 
Event SelectionNotifyEvent 
Event NotifyEvent 
Event CompletionEvent 
Event AlarmNotifyEvent 
Event CounterNotifyEvent 
Event DevicePresenceNotifyEvent 
Event DeviceButtonStateNotifyEvent 
Event DeviceKeyStateNotifyEvent 
Event ChangeDeviceNotifyEvent 
Event DeviceMappingNotifyEvent 
Event DeviceStateNotifyEvent 
Event FocusOutEvent 
Event FocusInEvent 
Event ProximityOutEvent 
Event ProximityInEvent 
Event DeviceMotionNotifyEvent 
Event DeviceButtonReleaseEvent 
Event DeviceButtonPressEvent 
Event DeviceKeyReleaseEvent 
Event DeviceKeyPressEvent 
Event DeviceValuatorEvent 
Event AttributNotifyEvent 
Event NotifyEvent 
Event PortNotifyEvent 
Event VideoNotifyEvent