xmonad-0.11: A tiling window manager

Portabilitynot portable, uses cunning newtype deriving
Safe HaskellNone



An EDSL for ManageHooks



liftX :: X a -> Query aSource

Lift an X action to a Query.

idHook :: Monoid m => mSource

The identity hook that returns the WindowSet unchanged.

(<+>) :: Monoid m => m -> m -> mSource

Infix mappend. Compose two ManageHook from right to left.

composeAll :: Monoid m => [m] -> mSource

Compose the list of ManageHooks.

(-->) :: (Monad m, Monoid a) => m Bool -> m a -> m aSource

p --> x. If p returns True, execute the ManageHook.

 (-->) :: Monoid m => Query Bool -> Query m -> Query m -- a simpler type

(=?) :: Eq a => Query a -> a -> Query BoolSource

q =? x. if the result of q equals x, return True.

(<&&>) :: Monad m => m Bool -> m Bool -> m BoolSource

&& lifted to a Monad.

(<||>) :: Monad m => m Bool -> m Bool -> m BoolSource

|| lifted to a Monad.

title :: Query StringSource

Return the window title.

appName :: Query StringSource

Return the application name.

resource :: Query StringSource

Backwards compatible alias for appName.

className :: Query StringSource

Return the resource class.

stringProperty :: String -> Query StringSource

A query that can return an arbitrary X property of type String, identified by name.

doF :: (s -> s) -> Query (Endo s)Source

Modify the WindowSet with a pure function.

doFloat :: ManageHookSource

Move the window to the floating layer.

doIgnore :: ManageHookSource

Map the window and remove it from the WindowSet.

doShift :: WorkspaceId -> ManageHookSource

Move the window to a given workspace