xmonad-contrib-0.13: Third party extensions for xmonad

Copyright(c) Spencer Janssen <spencerjanssen@gmail.com>
LicenseBSD3-style (see LICENSE)
MaintainerSpencer Janssen <spencerjanssen@gmail.com>
Safe HaskellNone






getWsIndex :: X (WorkspaceId -> Maybe Int) Source #

Lookup the index of a workspace id in the user's config, return Nothing if that workspace does not exist in the config.

getWsCompare :: X WorkspaceCompare Source #

A comparison function for WorkspaceId, based on the index of the tags in the user's config.

getWsCompareByTag :: X WorkspaceCompare Source #

A simple comparison function that orders workspaces lexicographically by tag.

getXineramaPhysicalWsCompare :: X WorkspaceCompare Source #

A comparison function like getXineramaWsCompare, but uses physical locations for screens.

getXineramaWsCompare :: X WorkspaceCompare Source #

A comparison function for Xinerama based on visibility, workspace and screen id. It produces the same ordering as pprWindowSetXinerama.

mkWsSort :: X WorkspaceCompare -> X WorkspaceSort Source #

Create a workspace sorting function from a workspace comparison function.

getSortByIndex :: X WorkspaceSort Source #

Sort several workspaces according to their tags' indices in the user's config.

getSortByTag :: X WorkspaceSort Source #

Sort workspaces lexicographically by tag.

getSortByXineramaPhysicalRule :: X WorkspaceSort Source #

Like getSortByXineramaRule, but uses physical locations for screens.

getSortByXineramaRule :: X WorkspaceSort Source #

Sort serveral workspaces for xinerama displays, in the same order produced by pprWindowSetXinerama: first visible workspaces, sorted by screen, then hidden workspaces, sorted by tag.