xmonad-contrib-bluetilebranch- Third party extensions for xmonad





A layout modifier that limits the number of windows that can be shown. See XMonad.Layout.Minimize for manually setting hidden windows.



To use this module, add the following import to ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs:

 import XMonad.Layout.LimitWindows
 myLayout = limitWindows 6 $ Tall 1 0.03 0.5 ||| Full ||| RandomOtherLayout...
 main = xmonad defaultConfig { layoutHook = myLayout }

You may also be interested in dynamically changing the number dynamically, by binding keys to the increaseLimit, decreaseLimit, or setLimit actions.

For detailed instructions on editing your key bindings, see XMonad.Doc.Extending.

See also XMonad.Layout.BoringWindows.boringAuto for keybindings that skip the hidden windows.

Layout Modifiers

limitWindows :: Int -> l a -> ModifiedLayout LimitWindows l aSource

Only display the first n windows.

limitSlice :: Int -> l a -> ModifiedLayout LimitWindows l aSource

Only display n windows around the focused window. This makes sense with layouts that arrange windows linearily, like XMonad.Layout.Layout.Accordion.

limitSelect :: Int -> Int -> l a -> ModifiedLayout Selection l aSource

Only display the first m windows and r others. The IncMasterN message will change m, as well as passing it onto the underlying layout.

Change the number of windows