yampa-glfw- Connects GLFW-b (GLFW 3+) with the Yampa FRP library

Safe HaskellNone




data UI Source


resized :: SF (Event UI) (Event Size)Source

Re-shape request from GLFW

windowResize :: SF (Event UI) SizeSource

Window size

redraw :: SF (Event UI) (Event ())Source

Re-display request from GLFW

mousePosition :: SF (Event UI) PositionSource

Latest mouse position in window

simpleMousePosition :: Fractional a => SF (Event UI) (Vector2 a)Source

Latest mouse position in window with simple coord transform (i.e. unit)

keyAction :: SF (Event UI) (Event (Bool, Either Char Key))Source

Key action events

mouseButtonAction :: SF (Event UI) (Event (Bool, MouseButton))Source

Mouse buttons action events

keyPress :: SF (Event UI) (Event (Either Char Key))Source

Key press events

keyPressed :: Either Char Key -> SF (Event UI) BoolSource

Key pressed state for specific key

mouseButtonPressed :: MouseButton -> SF (Event UI) BoolSource

Mouse button pressed state for specific button