yesod- Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications.

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Various utilities used in the scaffolded site.



addStaticContentExternal Source #


:: (ByteString -> Either a ByteString)

javascript minifier

-> (ByteString -> String)

hash function to determine file name

-> FilePath

location of static directory. files will be placed within a "tmp" subfolder

-> ([Text] -> Route master)

route constructor, taking a list of pieces

-> Text

filename extension

-> Text

mime type

-> ByteString

file contents

-> HandlerFor master (Maybe (Either Text (Route master, [(Text, Text)]))) 

An implementation of addStaticContent which stores the contents in an external file. Files are created in the given static folder with names based on a hash of their content. This allows expiration dates to be set far in the future without worry of users receiving stale content.

globFile :: String -> String -> FilePath Source #

expects a file extension for each type, e.g: hamlet lucius julius